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There are over 70 Control Systems Society Chapters around the world.

General information on how to run a Chapter can be found at "Society and Technical Council Chapters":

Members interested in creating a new chapter should check the page, "How to Create a New IEEE Chapter" for instructions:  

The society has two main ways of funding chapters initiatives: 1) the Distinguished Lecturer Program and 2) the CSS Outreach Fund.

Chapter Activities Chair


Guoqiang Hu

Nanyang Technological University
10 (Asia and Pacific)

Chapters of the CSS

To better serve the needs for technical interaction of its global membership CSS has established a number of chapters in various parts of the world. These chapters provide resources and opportunities for control engineers from a particular geographical area, thus complementing the several CSS activities that have an international scope.

Chapters have considerable autonomy in their operation. Among the popular activities are the following:

  • Holding regular meetings allowing members to meet each other and network.
  • Contributing and disseminating "best practices." Dissemination can be done via a Web site, for example, thereby allowing interchapter information sharing.
  • Facilitating academic/industry collaboration and soliciting local government/academic support of chapter activities.
  • Creating and maintaining a chapter meeting database/speakers bureau with the names of speakers, topics, and other searchable data.
  • Organizing joint meetings between chapters and other entities, such as national societies outside the U.S., chapters from other IEEE societies, and other proximate CSS chapters.
  • Identifying technical needs of chapter members through survey and interviews.
  • Arranging seminars by high-profile speakers on topics of broad interest.

CSS can provide financial assistance for several types of chapter activities. We note two examples here:

  • The "Local Area Support System" (LASS) program provides support for a maximum of one event per local chapter per year by offsetting justifiable expenses incurred by the organizers to a maximum of U.S. $1,000 per event. Approval for such events must be granted by the Vice President for Member Activities prior to the event.
  • Through the Distinguished Lecturer program, a local chapter and CSS share reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by a lecturer invited by the chapter. CSS can reimburse a maximum of U.S. $1000 for travel within a continent and U.S. $2,000 for intercontinental travel, subject to approval by the Vice President for Member Activities.

A list of CSS chapters is available, sorted by IEEE Region, with names and contact information for chapter chairs included. CSS members interested in participating in the activities of chapters in their areas are encouraged to contact the respective chairs.

Society Chapter Directory

Name Chairperson Website Country
Berkshire Section Joint Chapter Richard Kolodziejczyk United States
Kingston Section Joint Chapter Keyvan Zaad Canada
Boston Section Chapter Thanh Long Vu United States
Buffalo Section Chapter Norman Schweitzer United States
Connecticut Section Joint Chapter Biao Zhang United States
North Jersey Section Chapter David Haessig United States
Cleveland Section Chapter Lili Dong United States
Columbus Section Chapter John Pax United States
Northern Virginia Section Chapter James Cross-Cole United States
Philadelphia Section Joint Chapter Ziauddin Ahmad United States
Pittsburgh Section Joint Chapter Deniz Gencaga United States
Washington Section Chapter Michael Gilliom United States
Huntsville Section Chapter Leandro Barajas United States
Orlando Section Joint Chapter Donghui Wu United States
Virginia Mountain Section Joint Chapter Sandeep Shukla United States
Milwaukee Section Joint Chapter Eric Waydick United States
Rock River Valley Section Joint Chapter Andrew Baker United States
Southern Minnesota Section Joint Chapter Christopher Felton United States
Southeastern Michigan (Chapter 12) Rajeev Verma United States
Toledo Section Joint Chapter Dominic Wilson United States
Wichita Section Joint Chapter Mark Olive United States
Albuquerque Section Chapter United States
Central Coast Section Chapter George Konstantinow United States
Oregon Section Chapter Ryan Olson United States
San Diego Section Chapter United States
SCV/SF Joint Section Chapter C. John Won United States
Spokane Section Joint Chapter Steve Simmons United States
Kitchener-Waterloo Section Chapter F. Karray Canada
Ottawa Section Joint Chapter Jurek Sasiadek Canada
Toronto Chapter Bruno DiStefano Canada
Vancouver Section Chapter Ryozo Nagamune Canada
Bulgaria Section Joint Chapter Mincho Hadjiski Bulgaria
Croatia Section Joint Chapter Mario Vasak Croatia
Czechoslovakia Section Chapter Zdenek Hurak Czechia
Denmark Section Joint Chapter Thomas Bak Denmark
Egypt Section Chapter Hany Elsayed Egypt
IEEE France Section Control Systems Society Chapter Mohammed Chadli France
Greece Section Chapter Anthony Tzes Greece
Israel Section Joint Chapter Ezra Zeheb Israel
Italy Section Chapter Fabrizio Dabbene Italy
Norway Section Chapter Hamid Reza Karimi Norway
Poland Section Chapter Artur Babiarz Poland
Republic of Macedonia Section Joint Chapter Mile Stankovski North Macedonia
Romania Section Chapter Vladimir Răsvan Romania
IEEE Russia (North-West) Section Joint Chapter Alexander Fradkov Russia
South Africa Section Chapter Benjamin Rosman South Africa
Spain Section Chapter Pedro Balsa Spain
Turkey Section Chapter Turkey
UKRI Section Chapter Daniel Auger United Kingdom
United Kingdom - Republic of Ireland Section Chapter Kang Li Ireland
Argentina Section Joint Chapter Sergio A. Gonzalez Argentina
Chile Section Chapter Chile
Centro Occidente Section Chapter Edmundo Cardiel Mexico
Colombia Section Chapter Diego Patino Colombia
Costa Rica Section Joint Chapter Esteban Chavarria Costa Rica
Peru Section Chapter Marco Antonio Reyna Cordova Peru
Rio De Janeiro Chapter Jose Da Rocha Brazil
Uruguay Section Chapter Enrique Ferreira Uruguay
Bangalore Section Chapter Andra Venkateswarlu India
Guangzhou Section Chapter Feiqi Deng China
Delhi Section Chapter Anuj Dhawan India
Harbin Section Chapter Guang-Hong Yang China
Hong Kong Section Joint Chapter Changling (Charlie) Wang Hong Kong SAR China
Indonesia Section Chapter Endra Joelianto Indonesia
Islamabad Lahore Karachi Joint Sections Chapter Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Pakistan
Japan Council Chapter Masami Saeki Japan
Kharagpur Section Chapter Ashish Hota India
Malaysia Section Chapter Mohd Taib Malaysia
Nanjing Section Chapter Bin Jiang China
Queensland Section Joint Chapter Michael Kearney Australia
Seoul Section Chapter Poogyeon Park South Korea
Singapore Section Chapter Youyi Wang Singapore
South Australia Section Joint Chapter Peng Shi Australia
Taipei Section Chapter Chun-Liang Lin Taiwan
Uttar Pradesh Section Ramesh Tripathi India
Guadalajara Section Joint Chapter Bernardino Toledo Mexico
Kansai Section Chapter Japan
Montreal Section Chapter Hamid Mahboubi Canada
Finland Section Joint Chapter Quan Zhou Finland
Madras Section Chapter R. Hariprakash India
Southern Alberta Section Joint Chapter Matt Mahyar Eskandar Canada
United Arab Emirates Section Joint Chapter Khalifa Al-Hosani United Arab Emirates
Romania Section Joint Chapter Florin Constantinescu Romania
Beijing Section Chapter Qing-Shan (Samuel) Jia China
Kolkata Section Chapter Dipankar Sanyal India
Los Alamos/Northern New Mexico Section Chapter David Izraelevitz United States
Panama Section Chapter Jorge Serrano Panama
Tokyo/Sapporo/Sendai/Shin-Etsu/Nagoya/Kansai/Hiroshima/Shikoku/Fukuoka Joint Sections Chapter Mitsuji Sampei Japan
Winnipeg Section Joint Chapter Nariman Sepehri Canada
Wuhan Section Chapter Hai-Tao Zhang China
IEEE Ecuador Section Industrial Electronics and Control Systems Joint Societies Chapter Alberto Sanchez Ecuador
IEEE Russia (Siberia) Joint Section Chapter Andrey Radionov Russia
IEEE Lebanon Section Joint Societies Chapter Daniel Asmar Lebanon
Thailand Section Chapter David Banjerdpongchai Thailand
Universidad Veracruzana-Facultad de Ingeniero Electricidad y Comisión Rogelio de Jesus Portillo-Velez Mexico
Universidad de los Andes Santiago Jimenez Leudo Colombia
National Engineering School of Gabes (ENIG) Chapter, Tunisia Tunisia
Panimalar Institute of Technology Control Systems Society Student Branch Chapter in the Madras Section Maheshwari T S India
Capital University of Science & Technology: Islamabad Section Moiz Chaudary Pakistan
Tunisia Section Tunisia
Universidad Surcolombiana: Colombia Section Faiber Robayo Betancourt Colombia
IEEE Indonesia Section Control Systems and Robotics and Automation Joint Societies Chapter Augie Widyotriatmo Indonesia
IEEE Bahia Section Robotics and Automation and Control Systems Joint Societies Chapter Tiago DoNascimento Brazil
Universidade de Brasília Centro: Norte Brasil Section Guilherme de Oliveira Brazil
IEEE Tunisia Section Control Systems Society Chapter Tunisia
Universidade de Brasília Brazil
Santa Clara Valley Chapter United States
Hungary Chapter Levente Kovacs Hungary