IEEE Press Series on Control Systems Theory and Applications

IEEE Press Series on Control Systems Theory and Applications

Aim & Scope:

The scope of the IEEE Press Book Series on Control Systems Theory and Applications is the broad span of the Control Science and Engineering discipline. Control science and engineering has had a very significant impact on society and continues to be an important, relevant and ever-expanding field.

General Information:

This IEEE Press Book Series is expected to publish high-quality books in all areas of control. The series will include monographs, edited volumes, and textbooks, geared to control scientists and engineers, as well as to researchers and practitioners working in various areas of applied mathematics such as optimization, game theory, and operations research. Educational purposes are also in the scope of the series as secondary and reference material. Relevant results from research projects may also be considered for publication.

Examples of theory research topics of interest are cyber-physical systems, hybrid systems, networked control systems, autonomous systems, coordinated and cooperative control, identification and learning in complex systems modeling and control, data-driven identification and control. Examples of interdisciplinary applications of interest are engineering system design, societal and socioeconomic system modeling and control, ecological and biological system analysis, synthetic biology, intelligent transportation, smart energy and robotics. The application domains are characterized by the combination of control and other disciplines such as computer science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, biology, and economics.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Series Editor and independent reviewers before a final decision is rendered.

Further details regarding the Proposal form and Author instructions can be found here.

Series Editor

Maria Domenica Di Benedetto

University of l'Aquila

For more information on this series, or if you are interested in contributing with a book, please contact Series Editor Prof. Maria Domenica Di Benedetto or the Commissioning Editor, Sandra Grayson.