IEEE Fellow

Each year the IEEE designates as Fellows individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the electrical and electronics engineering profession. The CSS has two standing committees, with non-overlapping membership, that participate in the Fellow selection process. The chairs of these two committees, who must be IEEE Fellows and CSS members, are appointed by the BoG based on recommendations from the President-Elect and the Executive Committee. The chairs appoint the members of their committees.

To view recipients of IEEE Fellow prior to 2018 or to view members elevated by other Societies or Councils please visit the CSS IEEE Fellows Archive.

You can find more information regarding the IEEE Fellow Program along with a complete listing of IEEE Fellows here. A list of women CSS Fellows can be found by selecting the "Women" tab here.

Nomination Details:

The Fellow Evaluation Committee, which should have at least six members, evaluates the achievements of those nominees whose forms are forwarded to it by their respective nominators. (Each nomination designates a relevant IEEE Society that should be asked to provide an evaluation of the candidate's achievements.) The Fellow Evaluation Committee should be composed of IEEE Fellows whose joint expertise spans the breadth of technical specialties covered by the CSS.

The Fellow Nomination Committee seeks out worthy candidates and nominators for those individuals in order to improve the pool of candidates for consideration as Fellows.

Hong Chen

For contributions to predictive control and applications in automotive systems

Dimos V. Dimarogonas

For contributions to distributed and hybrid control of multi-agent systems

Kingsley Fregene

For contributions to the autonomous control of unmanned vehicles

Javad Lavaei

For contributions to nonlinear optimization in power systems

Henrik Sandberg

for contributions to model reduction and secure control systems

Ling Shi

For contributions to cyber-physical system optimization and security

Ying Tan

For contributions to rehabilitation robotics

Abdelhamid Tayebi

For contributions to the control of unmanned aerial vehicles and learning-based control for robot manipulators

Carolyn Beck

For contributions to model reduction and to the analysis of epidemic processes over networks

Alessandro Chiuso

for contributions to subspace and Bayesian identification methods

R. Scott Erwin

for leadership and contributions to the development, implementation and on-orbit demonstration of spacecraft control technologies

Vijay Gupta

for contributions to networked and cyber-physical systems

Roland Malhamé

for contributions to mean-field games and stochastic hybrid systems

Shie Mannor

for contributions to reinforcement learning and decision-making under uncertainty

Igor Mezic

for contributions to modeling and control using Koopman operator techniques

Christophe Prieur

for contribution to nonlinear control systems

Ricardo G. Sanfelice

for contributions to hybrid feedback control systems

Daniel Abramovitch

for contributions to the development of algorithms for control of mechatronic systems

Peter J. Seiler

for contributions to robust control theory and computational tools

Behçet Açikmese

for contributions to optimization-based nonlinear control and to planetary landing systems

Sandro Zampieri

for contributions to distributed and networked control

Ming Cao

for contributions to multi-agent control systems for sensor, robotic and social networks

Asuman Ozdaglar

for contributions to distributed multi-agent networks

Gianluigi Pillonetto

for contributions to kernel-based linear system identification

Chunjiang Qian

for contributions to control and estimation of nonlinear systems

Daniel Quevedo

for contributions to optimal and model predictive control

Jacquelien Scherpen

for contributions to nonlinear model reduction and passivity-based control

Bruno Sinopoli

for contributions to networked and secure control systems

Nathan van de Wouw

for contributions to hybrid, data-based and networked control

Aaron Ames

for contributions to hybrid and safety-critical nonlinear control with demonstration on robotic systems

Domitilla Del Vecchio

for contributions to circuit engineering in synthetic biology

Hideaki Ishii

for contributions to networked control of large-scale systems

Antonella Ferrara

for contributions to sliding mode control theory

Sarah Spurgeon

for contributions to variable structure control and estimation

Jun Zhao

for contributions to switched systems and dissipativity theory

Andrea Garulli

for contributions to set membership identification and robust analysis of uncertain systems

Yasamin Mostofi

for contributions to control and communications co-optimization in mobile sensor networks

Kirsten Morris

for contributions to control and estimator design for infinite-dimensional systems

Sonja Glavaski-Radovanovic

for leadership in energy systems

Christoforos Hadjicostis

for contributions to distributed and discrete event systems

Sirish Shah

for contributions to process and performance monitoring

Maria Prandini

for contributions to stochastic, hybrid and distributed control systems theory

Sandra Hirche

for contributions to human-machine interaction and networked control

Maarten Steinbuch

for contributions to Advanced Motion Control, Mechatronics, Medical Robotics, and Electric Driving

Mario Sznaier

for outstanding contributions to Multiobjective Robust Control, Robust Identification, and Dynamic Vision

Panagiotis Tsiotras

for fundamental contributions to the application of nonlinear and optimal control to aerospace systems

Santosh Devasia

for contributions to feedforward control of non-minimum-phase systems

Emilia Fridman

for contributions to time-delay systems and sampled-data control

Bart De Schutter

for contributions to optimization-based control of discrete-event systems, hybrid systems, transportation networks, and infrastructure networks

Keum-shik Hong

for contributions to adaptive estimation and brain-computer interface techniques using near-infrared light

Nicola Elia

for fundamental contributions to Networked Control Systems

Benjamin Van Roy

for contributions to the theory and practice of reinforcement learning and approximate dynamic programming

Mihailo Jovanovic

for contributions to modeling, optimization, and control of large-scale and distributed systems

Min Wu

for contribution to the field of advanced control and intelligent automation for complex systems

David Castañón

for contributions to discrete time stochastic control and information fusion

Antonis Papachristodoulou

for fundamental contributions to theory and applications of Sum of Squares Programing and networked control systems

Maurizio Porfiri

for contributions to networked control systems and biomimetic robotics

Murti Salapaka

for enabling nano-science using control and systems technologyfor enabling nano-science using control and systems technology

Andrew G. Alleyne

for contributions to the control of thermal management systems

Silviu-iulian Niculescu

for research on the effects of delays in system dynamics

Giuseppe Calafiore

for contributions to probabilistic methods for robust control design

Hitay Özbay

for contributions to robust control for infinite dimensional systems

Mark Campbell

for contributions to control and estimation theory for autonomous systems

Karen Rudie

for contributions to the supervisory control theory of discrete event systems

Fariba Fahroo

for contributions to computational optimal control theory

Tong Zhou

for contributions to robust identification and estimation of control systems

Naira Hovakimyan

for contributions to control with applications to aerospace and robotic systems

Jonathan How

for contributions to guidance and control of air and space vehicles

Biao Huang

for contributions to and application of Bayesian softsensing for control performance monitoring

Wei Lin

for contributions to nonlinear control systems

Sonia Martínez

for contributions to the geometric mechanics and control

Girish N. Nair

for contributions to control and information in networked dynamical systems