The Impact of Control Technology — 1st Edition

Overview, Success Stories, and Research Challenges

This report discusses and exemplifies the accomplishments of control technology and future opportunities for the field.  Please read the Introduction and Summary below for more information on the content and format of the report.

The material in this report is freely and publicly available for reuse, provided that the source is acknowledged.  The report can be cited as:  "The Impact of Control Technology, T. Samad and A.M. Annaswamy (eds.), IEEE Control Systems Society, 2011, available at"  Titles and authors of individual sections should also be acknowledged as appropriate. 

Parts of the report can be accessed in pdf form from the table of contents below.  The report includes a number of illustrated flyers; these are also available in high-resolution (HR) versions. 

The report is also available as a consolidated pdf document.

The Impact of Control Technology — 1st Edition (application/pdf) Download (36397.246 KB)

The report is published by the IEEE Control Systems Society.  Sponsors of the report, in addition to IEEE CSS, are the Institute for Advanced Study and CoTeSys (Technical University of Munich), Deutsche Forschungs-Gemeinschaft, and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

We welcome new submissions for a possible updated edition—please e-mail us at [email protected] and [email protected] if you are interested in contributing.



Tariq Samad

Honeywell Labs
United States

Anuradha Annaswamy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
United States


Foreword (application/pdf) Download (360.492 KB)
Preface (application/pdf) Download (348.35 KB)
Introduction and Summary (application/pdf) Download (399.371 KB)

Part 1: Selected Application Domains for Control

Aerospace Control (application/pdf) Download (697.838 KB)
Control in the Process Industries (application/pdf) Download (638.537 KB)
Automotive Control (application/pdf) Download (1114.798 KB)
Control in Robotics (application/pdf) Download (762.642 KB)
Control in Biological Systems (application/pdf) Download (707.628 KB)
Control for Renewable Energy and Smart Grids (application/pdf) Download (1106.449 KB)
Cross-Application Perspectives: Tools and Platforms for Control Systems (application/pdf) Download (925.437 KB)
Cross-Application Perspectives: Application and Market Requirements (application/pdf) Download (638.933 KB)

Part 2: Success Stories in Control

Auto-tuners for PID Controllers (application/pdf) Download (661.272 KB)
Advanced Tension Control in Steel Rolling Mills (application/pdf) Download (664.538 KB)
Advanced Energy Solutions for Power Plants (application/pdf) Download (583.981 KB)
Performance Monitoring for Mineral Processing (application/pdf) Download (648.229 KB)
Advanced Control for the Cement Industry (application/pdf) Download (562.257 KB)
Cross-Direction Control of Paper Machines (application/pdf) Download (630.989 KB)
Ethylene Plantwide Control and Optimization (application/pdf) Download (673.995 KB)
Automated Collision Avoidance Systems (application/pdf) Download (583.872 KB)
Digital Fly-by-Wire Technology (application/pdf) Download (713.508 KB)
Nonlinear Multivariable Flight Control (application/pdf) Download (632.869 KB)
Robust Adaptive Control for the Joint Direct Attack Munition (application/pdf) Download (611.003 KB)
Control of the Flexible Ares 1-X Launch Vehicle (application/pdf) Download (618.641 KB)
H-infinity Control for Telecommunication Satellites (application/pdf) Download (657.191 KB)
Control for Formula One! (application/pdf) Download (591.136 KB)
Active Safety Control for Automobiles (application/pdf) Download (547.838 KB)
Automated Manual Transmissions (application/pdf) Download (646.811 KB)
Mobile Robot-Enabled Smart Warehouses (application/pdf) Download (576.668 KB)
Dynamic Positioning System for Marine Vessels (application/pdf) Download (650.125 KB)
Digital Printing Control: Print Shop in a Box (application/pdf) Download (548.669 KB)
Trip Optimizer for Railroads (application/pdf) Download (588.361 KB)
Coordinated Ramp Metering for Freeways (application/pdf) Download (595.573 KB)
Control in Mobile Phones (application/pdf) Download (567.574 KB)
Improved Audio Reproduction with Control Theory (application/pdf) Download (649.84 KB)

Part 3: Cross-Cutting Research Directions

Networked Decision Systems (application/pdf) Download (513.413 KB)
Cyber-physical SystemS (application/pdf) Download (579.841 KB)
Cognitive Control (application/pdf) Download (606.475 KB)
Systems of Systems (application/pdf) Download (691.163 KB)

Part 4: Grand Challenges for Control Research

Dynamics and Control for the Artificial Pancreas (application/pdf) Download (1322.115 KB)
Redesigning a Bacterium Control System (application/pdf) Download (582.65 KB)
High-Performance Control with Slow Computing! (application/pdf) Download (565.74 KB)
Biophysical NetworkS (application/pdf) Download (657.16 KB)
Control for Smart Grids (application/pdf) Download (605.254 KB)
Control for Grid Responsiveness (application/pdf) Download (706.292 KB)
Control for Energy-Efficient Buildings (application/pdf) Download (655.563 KB)
Control for Wind Power (application/pdf) Download (597.933 KB)
Energy-Efficient Air Transportation (application/pdf) Download (613.121 KB)
Verification, Validation, and Certification Challenges for Control Systems (application/pdf) Download (641.122 KB)
Control of Combustion Instability (application/pdf) Download (586.276 KB)
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Through Massive Sensor Fusion (application/pdf) Download (587.9 KB)
Vehicle-to-Vehicle/Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Control (application/pdf) Download (595.587 KB)
Control for Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms (application/pdf) Download (628.556 KB)
Control Challenges in High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy (application/pdf) Download (606.657 KB)
Process Manufacturing Networks (application/pdf) Download (697.92 KB)
Supply Chain as a Control Problem (application/pdf) Download (742.842 KB)
Financial Engineering Done Right! (application/pdf) Download (550.781 KB)
Control Challenges in Mobile Telecommunications (application/pdf) Download (767.317 KB)


Appendix A: "Impact of Control" Berchtesgaden Workshop (application/pdf) Download (730.688 KB)
Appendix B: Contributors to the Report (application/pdf) Download (363.84 KB)