Software Tools

PBSID Toolbox (Predictor-Based Subspace Identification Toolbox)

The Predictor-Based Subspace Identification Toolbox enables you to perform a batch or recursive identification (in open loop and closed loop) of LTI/LPV/Hammerstein/Wiener systems.

LTI Toolbox (LTI System Identification Toolbox)

The LTI System Identification Toolbox for Matlab enables you to perform an identification (in open loop) of linear time-invariant systems. It provides command-line functions for parametric model estimation and subspace model identification in both discrete-time and continuous-time (frequency domain).

ADAPTx - Automated Multivariable System Identification and Time Series Analysis   

 Optimal estimates in large sample for linear systems with unknown feedback. Includes delay estimation, input selection, fault/change detection, nonlinear systems. For Matlab or C++, by Adaptics, Inc.

CAPTAIN: Computer-Aided Program for Time Series Analysis and Identification of Noisy Systems

Numerous Matlab routines for identification and estimation of discrete and continuous-time systems, nonstationary time series analysis, adaptive forecasting, and time-variable/state dependent parameter estimation based on fixed interval smoothing.

CONTSID: Continuous-Time System IDentification

Offers Matlab routines for the identification of continuous-time systems.

COSMAD: Covariance Subspace Modal Analysis and Diagnosis

A free Modal Analysis and Diagnosis Toolbox to work with the Scilab environment.


A Matlab-based toolbox that implements a multivariable control-relevant identification procedure geared for the process industries.

CUEDSID: Cambridge University System Identification Toolbox

Algorithms for identification of linear and bilinear dynamic systems using balanced parametrizations or subspace methods.

Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox for MATLAB

Offers algorithms to identify linear single-input/single-output system from time/frequency data. See also the Matlab third party software link.


A MATLAB based graphical user interface to estimate parametric models on the basis of frequency domain data.

Fuzzy Identification Toolbox for MATLAB

Created by Dr. Robert Babuska at the Control Engineering Laboratory, Information Technology and Systems, Delft University of Technology.

Mathworks Matlab System Identification Toolbox

An extensive suite of software tools for system identification for use with Matlab. This toolbox is commercially supported by The Mathworks.

Model-on-Demand Toolbox

The Model-on-Demand toolbox from the Control Systems Engineering Laboratory at Arizona State University.


The NNSYSID toolbox is a set of MATLAB tools for neural network based identification of nonlinear dynamic systems.

SIDPAC: System IDentification Programs for AirCraft

A collection of MATLAB routines developed and used by NASA, implementing a wide variety of experiment design, data analysis, and modeling methods, with emphasis on aircraft system identification.

SLICOT library routines for system identification

FORTRAN routines for idenitification of linear systems.

University of Newcastle System Identification Toolbox (UNIT)

A freely available system identification toolbox for use with Matlab and Octave

SYSDYNET A Matlab app and toolbox for data-driven modeling in dynamic networks.

SYSDYNET offers an app with interactive graphical user interface and accompanying toolbox for identification in interconnected systems. It supports the allocation of sensors and actuation signals for establishing identifiability, and for developing predictor models for estimating either a full network or a single module, with different identification methods.

LPVcore (LPV system identification)

LPVcore is an open-source MATLAB toolbox for users of the LPV framework. Using the built-in classes, it's easy to create new algorithms.

DeepSI (Identification with ANNs)

Dynamical System Identification using python incorporating numerous powerful deep learning methods. (deepSI = deep System Identification).