System Identification and Adaptive Control

Recommended Books & Recent Papers

Recent Texts and Edited Volumes:

Below are links to some recent texts and edited volumes developed by members of the System Identification and Adaptive Control TC that can be useful for educational and research purposes:

F. Giri, E.W. Bai (eds), "Block Oriented Nonlinear System Identification," Springer, UK, 2010.

L. Busoniu, R. Babuska, B. de Schutter, and D. Ernst, "Reinforcement Learning and Dynamic Programming using Function Approximators," CRC Press, 2010.

R. Toth, "Modeling and Identification of Linear Parameter-Varying Systems," Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Springer, 2010.

P. Lopes dos Santos, T. P. Azevedo Perdicoúlis, C. Novara, J.A. Ramos, and D.E. Rivera, "Linear Parameter-Varying System Identification: New Developments and Trends," World Scientific, 2011.

T. Söderström: "Errors-in-Variables Methods in System Identification", Springer, 2018

Novara, Carlo; Formentin, Simone (ed.): Data-Driven Modeling, Filtering and Control: Methods and Applications, IET Control, Robotics and Sensors, 2019