We are developing a depository for syllabi, presentations, and other materials in support of system identification and adaptive control education.  

Course Syllabi and Materials:

ETH Zurich:

Course on non-parametric and parametric System Identification: Lectures notes and Videos

Johns Hopkins University:

System Identification and Likelihood Methods

Arizona State University:

ChE 494/598, Introduction to System Identification (syllabus) (overview presentation)

Technical University at Delft:

Courses on system identification and control

University of California at San Diego:

MAE 283a: Parametric System Identification - theory and tools.

MAE 283b: Approximate identification and control.

University of Michigan:

AE566: Data analysis and system identification (syllabus)

Educational Software Tools:

An extensive set of links to software tools for system identification is available in the Useful Links section of the website.  Below are some system identification tools with particular emphasis on identification education:

Interactive Tool for System Identification Education (ITSIE):  University of Almería, UNED (Madrid) and Arizona State University.

Interactive Tool for Control-Relevant Identification (ITCRI): University of Almería, UNED (Madrid) and Arizona State University.