Special Section on Control and Monitoring of Next-Gen Urban Infrastructure: Applications to Power, Transportation, and Water Systems

Announcements | Fri, Dec 1st, 2023

TC Smart City

Editor: Ahmad Taha (Vanderbilt University)
Website: https://ojcsys.github.io/pages/ss-infrastructure.html
Submission Window: 15 Oct 2023 – 15 April 2024

Climate change, overpopulation, aging infrastructure, urbanization, and the natural finiteness of earth’s resources has pushed urban designers, city planners, policy makers, scientists, and engineers to rethink traditional control and design paradigms, and to look for holistic solutions to ensure the safety, resilience, security, and efficiency of operating new infrastructure. In particular, the three key infrastructure – electric power systems, water systems, and traffic networks – all face monumental challenges related to real-time operation. To that end, this special section focuses on presenting and sharing new control algorithms and architectures for the next generation of urban infrastructure with a specific focus on power, transportation, and water systems.