TC Chair Guidelines

The technical committees (TC’s) play a key part within the Control Systems Society (CSS). Membership in a TC is open to all CSS members who wish to join and participate. Their role is to

  • build and sustain a technical community
  • promote technical communication and interaction on defined topics of interest, with technical peers outside CSS, and with other non-control focused groups
  • provide occasions for researchers in related fields to communicate with each other and build closer relationships
  • make control community and international scientific community in general aware of the scientific achievements and results in a specific field
  • be the reference point for anybody, inside or outside CSS, with an interest in the research activities related to the TC

In order that the TC’s be effective, chairs are expected to, in particular

  • hold at least one meeting at the CDC or ACC, preferably at both. (If a chair is unable to attend one of these conferences, the co-chair or other member of the committee may hold the meeting in their place.)
  • contribute to the Technical Activities Board, including attending the semi-annual meetings at the CDC and ACC (or find a designate to attend)
  • maintain web page that includes
    • chair contact information
    • current list of TC members
    • list of events such as workshops and schools in the technical area
    • recommended books, survey articles, software, websites, lecture material
  • ensure submission of invited sessions and/or tutorial sessions at the CDC and other major conferences
  • encourage the organization of summer schools and workshops in the area
  • write a column for CSM at least every other year on the focus and activities of the TC