Hybrid Systems

Additional Resources

Where to go to learn more:

The literature on hybrid systems is very rich and spans different disciplines. Several textbooks and online resources are available for the interested reader. The following textbook provides a concise introduction to hybrid systems, with multiple examples from engineering:

An Introduction to Hybrid Dynamical Systems - A. van der Schaft and H. Schumacher.

These online handouts provide basic definitions, examples and tools for verification, stability, and controller synthesis in the hybrid automata framework:

J. Lygeros, C. Tomlin, and S. Sastry. Hybrid Systems:  Modeling, Analysis and Control. 

Course material on switched and hybrid systems in different frameworks can be found at:

This textbook presents a unifying framework for modeling and analysis of hybrid dynamical systems:

Hybrid Dynamical Systems - R. Goebel, R.G. Sanfelice, A.R. Teel

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Conferences focusing on hybrid systems:

  • Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control Conference (HSCC) -- it is part of the Cyber-Physical Systems Week
  • Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems Conference (ADHS), which is organized by IFAC

YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel with recordings of lectures and conference presentations of research that is based on results of that textbook can be found here: