People involved in DPS

We are forming a list of people and teams involved in DPS (in order to facilitate communication among DPS researchers, purely for information and contact purposes; free submission, but moderated). Please send e-mail information to the Chair using the following format:

  • Full Name
  • Position, Organization
  • Website, Keywords.

Books On Control of Distributed Parameter Systems

This list contains some important references in the field of Control of Distributed Parameter Systems. It is not exhaustive and will be improved over the course of time (feel free to send additional references to the TC Chair).

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Electronic resources related to distributed parameter systems

TC members and interested people are welcome to send any overview papers or reports in their respective areas of expertise for electronic publication on this page.

Educational material

Online Courses

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Lecture materials and tutorials
  • “Mathematical Control Theory” (lecture notes for an in-person course on control of finite- and infinite-dimensional linear systems), teacher Lassi Paunonen

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Research tools

Public-domain software
  • freeFEM++
  • RORPack (“Robust Output Regulation Package”) is an open source Matlab toolbox and Python library for robust output tracking and disturbance rejection control of linear (approximated) controlled PDE and ODE systems. The package includes functionality for automated controller construction, closed-loop simulation, and visualisation of results, as well as a number of example files on control of linear PDE systems (1D and 2D heat equations, wave equations, etc.).

Download RORPack for Matlab

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Commercial software

IEEE journals, textbooks, monographs, book series