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Conference Name and Organizers Dates Location
2023 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems [ICUAS ’23]
General Chair(s): Anna Konert, YangQuan Chen, Andrea Monteriu
Program Chair(s): George Nikolakopoulos, Benjamyn Scott
- Warsaw, Poland
2023 American Control Conference [ACC 2023]
General Chair(s): Xiaobo Tan
Program Chair(s): Sean B. Andersson
- San Diego (CA), USA
The 35th Chinese Control and Decision Conference [CCDC 2023]
General Chair(s): Guang-Hong Yang
Program Chair(s): Changyun Wen, Zhong-Ping Jiang
- Yichang, Hubei Province, China
7th International Conference on Robotics, Control and Automation [ICRCA 2023]
Program Chair(s): Shaoyuan Li
- Taizhou, China
17th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision [ICARCV 2022]
General Chair(s): Kezhi Mao
Program Chair(s): Yeng Chai Soh
- Hybrid Mode (physical + virtual)
61st Conference on Decision and Control [CDC 2022]
General Chair(s): Maria Elena Valcher, Andrea Serrani
Program Chair(s): Christophe Prieur
- Cancun, Mexico
New Frontiers of Traffic Control and Estimation [CDC 2022] - Cancún, Mexico
Management and Control Strategies for Emerging Mobility Systems in Smart Cities [TC-SC Session (CDC 2022)]
Program Chair(s): Cecilia Pasquale, Christos G. Cassandras, Andreas A. Malikopoulos
- Cancún, Mexico
4th IFAC Workshop on Cyber-Physical Human Systems [CPHS 2022]
General Chair(s): Meeko Oishi
Program Chair(s): Ufuk Topcu
- Houston (TX), USA
26th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing [ICSTCC 2022]
General Chair(s): Marian Barbu
Program Chair(s): Rogelio Lozano
- Sinaia, Romania