Stochastic Systems and Control (SSC)


Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

University of Kansas
United States

In the new era, stochastic systems and control play increasingly important roles. Not only are they used in the traditional fields such as engineering, but also in emerging application areas as financial engineering, economics, risk management, biology, ecology, neuroscience, actuarial sciences, large scale data, environmental sciences, social networks, to mention just a few among others. It is well known that a good understanding of randomness in systems is a critical and central issue in all areas of science. Stochastic systems and control is an interdisciplinary field.

It requires collective and collaborative efforts and diversity in ideas, approaches, methods, and tools in problem solving. This committee brings an inclusive group of enthusiastic passionate research innovators and educators with diverse backgrounds, contributions and established record of attracting K-12 students, college students and young professionals to stochastic systems, control and adaptive control with their broad spectrum of everyday life applications.

A noise in the systems cannot be disregarded as there are examples showing that a noise can stabilize or destabilize the system. This is particularly important in rapidly advanced biomedical and financial engineering areas of applications but also in all areas where measurements carry on errors. Mathematical statistics and probability with a good understanding of randomness in big data, modeling and analyzing it, making properly statistical inferences—this is must learn for students along with programming languages now and for the next ten years, illustrative examples include societal systems, autonomous systems, infectious disease systems, universal access to technology that include ethics, security, privacy, data–driven and physics-driven diversity in approaches will lead to ML and to AI. Stochastic systems and control will have a significant impact. Education training curricula for K-12 and beyond need to respond to new challenges with probability and mathematical statistics as foundation.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to coordinate developments and advances in stochastic modeling, control and optimization, organizing conferences, research groups, discussion panels, schools for young researchers in a person or remote meetings; consolidate work of similar groups working within SIAM, IFIP, IFAC, AMS, AWM, IEEE SSIT, IEEE SC or other societies (organizations), joint activities with CSS TC on SIAC ,TC on Control Education and other technical committees with common research interests as well as interests in outreach/broader impacts.