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CDC 2023
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Machine Learning: Bane or Boon for Control? Bode Lecture Miroslav Krstic
Dual Control Revisited Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Anders Rantzer
The Evolution of the Distributed Observer and Its Applications Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Jie Huang
Fast and Flexible Multi-Agent Decision-Making Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Naomi Leonard
ACC 2023
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A Journey Through Diffusions Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Yongxin Chen
Towards Flow Control: From Boundary Layers to Wind Farms and Back Again Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Dennice F. Gayme
Why Would We Want a Multi-Agent System Unstable Conference Plenary Lecture Mrdjan Jankovic
Public Lecture - Bob Behnken Lecture Bob Behnken
Machine Learning for Sparse Nonlinear Modeling and Control Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Steven Brunton
Autonomy for Active Perception by Robot Swarms Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Fumin Zhang
CCTA 2022
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Shared Control in Physical Human-Robot Interaction Applications Conference Plenary Lecture Zoe Doulgeri
Bionic Learning Network – Controlling Complex Systems from Animals to Animats to Living Cells Conference Plenary Lecture Nina Gaißert
Learning to Control Buildings – Towards Low-cost Commissioning of Demand Response Controllers Conference Plenary Lecture Colin Jones
Toward Wind Farm Control for Power Tracking Conference Plenary Lecture Dennice F. Gayme
Advanced Control Technologies for High-Capacity Magnetic Tape Drives Transition to Practice Award Lecture Giovanni Cherubini