Automotive Control


Mara Tanelli

Politecnico di Milano

The scope of interest of the Technical Committee on Automotive Control covers modeling, simulation, identification, estimation, control and diagnostics of present and future automotive systems. The Technical Committee has been in existence since 1999 and has approximately 50 active members, with many other researchers in the field benefiting from its activities. Benefiting from both academic and significant industrial participation, the committee coordinates activities towards improving understanding of challenges, problems and effective methods of controlling automotive systems. The Technical committee is not planning, at the present time, to cover the area of Intelligent Highway Transportation Systems.

Major conferences at which the IEEE TCAC organizes invited technical sessions include the American Control Conference and the IEEE Multi-Conference on Decision and Control.  Other activities of the committee include organization of the bi-annual "Workshop on Challenges and Open Problems in Automotive Control" and organization of special issues on automotive control in IEEE journals.

The IEEE Technical Committee on Automotive Control regularly and synergistically collaborates with similar organizations of ASME, SAE and IFAC, specifically, with the ASME Automotive and Transportation Systems Technical Committee, the IFAC Technical Committee on Automotive Control and the SAE Automotive Controls Committee.

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