TC-HS Newsletter: Issue 1

Newsletter of the IEEE CSS TC on Hybrid Systems

Issue 1

Conference Announcement 

Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control 2017
Contributed by S. Mitra (UIUC)
HSCC 2017 is the 20th in a series of conferences on all aspects of hybrid systems. It is dedicated to advancing design and analysis techniques that bridge control theory and computer science, and is expanding to new domains in security and privacy and in systems biology. The conference covers the range from theoretical results to practical applications and experiences in cyber-physical systems (CPS), mixed signal circuits, robotics, infrastructure networks, and biological models. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to mathematical foundations, computability and complexity, synthesis, planning, and control,  verification, security, privacy, and applications.
HSCC 2017 will be part of the ninth Cyber Physical Systems Week (CPS Week). Submissions should present unpublished original research, not under review elsewhere.  This year we will enforce a light double-blind reviewing process. Abstracts should be registered by 6th October. Authors of distinguished papers may be invited to submit an extended version of their work for possible publication in a Special issue of a leading journal.  A Best Student Paper Award will be presented to the author of the best paper written solely or primarily by a student.
For more details, go to

Workshop Announcement

Workshop on Feedback Control of Hybrid Systems at the CDC 2016
Contributed by R. G. Sanfelice (UCSC)
The following workshop on hybrid control systems to be offered at the CDC 2016 in Las Vegas might be of interest to some of you or your students. Interested participants are encouraged to register *before October 12* as the final list of workshops will be determined around that time. Students would receive a discounted registration rate and, if they register early enough, a “strongly discounted rate” — for more details, see
Workshop Overview
Hybrid dynamical systems, when broadly understood, encompass dynamical systems where states or dynamics can change continuously as well as instantaneously. Hybrid control systems arise when hybrid control algorithms — algorithms which involve logic, timers, clocks, and other digital devices — are applied to classical dynamical systems or systems that are themselves hybrid. Hybrid control may be used for improved performance and robustness properties compared to classical control, and hybrid dynamics may be unavoidable due to the interplay between digital and analog components of a system.
The proposed workshop has two main parts. The first part presents various modeling approaches to hybrid dynamics, focuses on a particular framework which combines differential equations with difference equations, and present key analysis tools. The ideas are illustrated in several applications. The second part present control design methods for such rich class of hybrid dynamical systems, such as supervisory control, CLF-based control, invariance-based control, and passivity. A particular goal of the workshop is to reveal the key steps in carrying over such methodologies to the hybrid dynamics setting.
The workshop is intended to be a complete, even if brief, course on analysis and design of hybrid control systems. It will present recently developed results on robust asymptotic stability for hybrid systems (with Rafal Goebel and Andy Teel) and recent advanced on systematic design of control algorithms for nonlinear and hybrid systems. It targets a broad audience in academia and industry, including graduate students, looking for an introduction to a new and active area of research and to some modern mathematical analysis tools; control practitioners interested in novel design techniques; and researchers in dynamical systems in pursuit of relevant applications. The required background is basic familiarity with continuous-time and discrete-time linear and nonlinear systems. The lectures will be closely related to each other and are not meant to be independent research presentations.
The workshop will take place at the CDC 2016 venue on December 11, 9am-5pm.
More details can be found at the workshop website

TC Discussion item

Annual CSM Column
TC’s are expected to contribute a regular column to IEEE Control Systems Magazine.  This column provides great exposure and is a good opportunity to let the wide CSS community know what is important and interesting about our TC activities.  We can include recent activities and successes. I have drafted a column and a link is below. Your contribution to it would be appreciated.

TC Announcement

Meeting at CDC 2016
We will have a TC meeting at the CDC in Las Vegas. Based on already scheduled meetings and the conference schedule, Tuesday lunch could work well to have the meeting. I will send an official invite shortly. In case you want to see what we discussed at the ACC, the slides presented are available at the TC website (