How to Become Involved

How to Become a Reviewer or Associate Editor 

To become a reviewer of any IEEE CSS journal please go to CSS PaperPlaza, click on ‘register a new PIN’, and add or update your keyword database entry.
To become a reviewer for this journal, please do the above and contact the EiC or SEs of the journal to be considered as a reviewer.

To become an Associate Editor (AE) for the journal, please contact the EiC or SE, and provide the following information:

  1. areas of expertise,
  2. affiliation and background,
  3. accomplishments, visibility and reputation, and
  4. previous editorial experience (e.g. membership of the CSS CEB, and reviewer experience).

The EiC reviews the nominations for relevant prior experience, as well as subject matter expertise needs. The resulting group of candidates is brought to the CSS Executive Committee for review, and after approval, to the Board of Governors for final evaluation. The Board of Governors is ultimately responsible for all AE and SE appointments.

Particular attention is devoted to promoting and maintaining diversity of the board, in terms of gender, geographic location and cultural heritage. Especially important to the mission of the journal, a specific effort is devoted to soliciting nominations of AEs and SEs from industry and national laboratories.