Financially Sponsored Conferences

ACC 2024
Mon, Jul 8, 2024 - Fri, Jul 12, 2024

2024 American Control Conference

General Chair(s): Martha Grover
Program Chair(s): Kam Leang

CCTA 2024
Wed, Aug 21, 2024 - Fri, Aug 23, 2024

8th IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications

General Chair(s): Krishna Busawon , Eric Rogers
Program Chair(s): Sarah Spurgeon

CDC 2024
Mon, Dec 16, 2024 - Thu, Dec 19, 2024

63rd Conference on Decision and Control

General Chair(s): Maria Prandini , Luca Zaccarian
Program Chair(s): Sophie Tarbouriech

Past Conferences

Conference Name and Organizers Dates Location Downloads
2004 American Control Conference [ACC 2004]
General Chair(s): Jason L. Speyer
Program Chair(s): Lucy Pao
- Boston, MA, United States
42nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control [CDC 2003]
Program Chair(s): Chaouki Abdallah
- Maui, HI, United States Program
Conference on Control Applications [CCA 2003]
General Chair(s): Okyay Kaynak
Program Chair(s): Georgi Dimirowski
- Istanbul, Turkey
2003 American Control Conference [ACC 2003]
General Chair(s): Wayne Bequette
Program Chair(s): Anuradha Annaswamy
- Denver, CO, United States
41st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control [CDC 2002]
General Chair(s): Ümit Özgüner
Program Chair(s): Ken Loparo
- Las Vegas, NV, United States
Conference on Control Applications [CCA 2002]
General Chair(s): Mike Grimble
Program Chair(s): Derek Atherton
- Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom Program
2002 American Control Conference [ACC 2002]
General Chair(s): R. Russell
Program Chair(s): Eduardo Misawa
- Anchorage, AK, United States
40th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control [CDC 2001]
General Chair(s): Ted Djaferis
Program Chair(s): Kevin Passino
- Orlando, FL, United States
Conference on Control Applications [CCA 2001]
General Chair(s): Mark Spong
Program Chair(s): Daniel Repperger
- Mexico City, Mexico
2001 American Control Conference [ACC 2001]
General Chair(s): Bruce Krogh
Program Chair(s): Wayne Bequette
- Arlington, VA, United States