IEEE Control Systems Award

To recognize outstanding contributions to control systems engineering, science, or technology. 

The award consists of a bronze medal, certificate, and $10,000 honorarium.
Funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society.
At the Awards Ceremony of the CSS.
Basis for Judging:
In the evaluation process, the following criteria are considered: seminal nature of the contribution, singular achievement, practical impact, breadth of contributions, depth of contributions, historical precedence, and quality of the nomination.
Nomination Details:

Nomination Deadline: 15 January of each year

Endorsement deadline: 31 January  of each year

More information about this award may be obtained directly from the IEEE

Naomi Leonard

For contributions to applications and theory for control of nonlinear and multiagent systems

Dimitri P. Bertsekas

For fundamental contributions to the methodology of optimization and control of uncertain and large-scale dynamical systems, and their dissemination through outstanding monographs and textbooks

Hidenori Kimura

For contributions to synthesis theory of control systems and its applications to manufacturing devices and systems

Anders Lindquist

For contributions to optimal filtering, stochastic control, stochastic realization theory, and system identification

Pramod Khargonekar

For contributions to robust and optimal control theory

John Tsitsiklis

For contributions to the theory and application of optimization in large dynamic and distributed systems.

Richard M. Murray

For contributions to the theory and applications of nonlinear and networked control systems.

Arthur Krener

For contributions to the analysis, control, and estimation of nonlinear control systems

Bruce Francis

For pioneering contributions to H-infinity, linear-multivariable, and digital control

Tamer Bașar

For seminal contributions to dynamic games, stochastic and risk-sensitive control, control of networks, and hierarchical decision making

Stephen Boyd

For contributions to systems design and analysis via convex optimization

Alberto Isidori

For pioneering contributions to nonlinear control theory

Eduardo Sontag

For fundamental contributions to nonlinear systems theory and nonlinear feedback control

Graham Goodwin

For contributions to the theory and practice of digital and adaptive control

David Mayne

For contributions to the application of optimization to modern control theory

Mathukumalli Vidyasagar

For promulgation of control science and engineering and contributions to robust control, robotics and statistical learning theory

Lennart Ljung

For seminal contributions to system identification and its impact on industrial practice

P.R. Kumar

For contributions to adaptive control, manufacturing systems and wireless communications

Manfred Morari

For pioneering contributions to the theory and application of robust process, model predictive, and hybrid systems control

John Doyle

For fundamental contributions to the analysis and control of uncertain systems

Nikolai Krasovskii

For pioneering contributions to the theories of stability, control and differential games

Pravin Varaiya

For outstanding contributions to stochastic and adaptive control and the unification of concepts from control and computer science

Keith Glover

For pioneering and fundamental contributions to robust controller design and model order reduction

Sanjoy Mitter

For contributions to optimization, optimal control, and nonlinear filtering, and for interdisciplinary research that has expanded the boundaries of control theory

A. Stephen Morse

For pioneering the geometric approach to linear multivariable control synthesis and contributions to nonlinear and adaptive control theory

Jan Willems

For seminal contributions to control theory and leadership in systems research

Brian Anderson

For contributions in the areas of adaptive and optimal control, stability, and system identification

Vladimir Yakubovich

For pioneering and fundamental contributions to stability analysis and optimal control

Petar Kokotovic

For pioneering contributions to singular perturbation theory, adaptive systems, nonlinear controls, and their industrial applications

Elmer Gilbert

For pioneering and innovative contributions to linear state space theory and its applications, especially realization and decoupling, as well as to control algorithms

Moshe Zakai

For contributions to non-linear stochastic analysis, and its applications to control systems

Harold Kushner

For fundamental contributions to stochastic systems theory and its engineering applications

Roger Brockett

For pioneering and innovative contributions to nonlinear control, stability, robotics and control engineering education

Karl Johan Åström

For fundamental contributions in control theory with emphasis on its practical application

Yu-Chi Ho

For contributions to differential games, multi-person decision making, and discrete event dynamic systems

Dante Youla

For original contributions in the areas of circuits, systems and control theory, and the rigorous solution of engineering problems

Walter Murray Wonham

For pioneering contributions to the theory of stochastic systems, linear multivariable control, and discrete event systems

Charles Desoer

For fundamental contributions to linear system theory, linear controller design, linear and nonlinear stability analysis, and the role of feedback in nonlinear systems

George Zames

For contributions to feedback stability theory and linear multivariable control system design

Arthur Bryson

For pioneering contributions to optimal control and estimation and their applications

Howard Rosenbrock

For contributions to multivariable control theory and design methods