The Impact of Control Technology—2nd Ed.

Editors:  Tariq Samad (Honeywell) and Anuradha Annaswamy (MIT)

ISBN: 978-0-692-24262-9

This report reviews a number of control technology accomplishments and presents prospects for future opportunities for the field. The material is in the form of 68 two-page full-color flyers, categorized in two sections:

• Success stories of deployed products and solutions that have been enabled by advanced control. All of the developments featured in this category have gone beyond simulation or laboratory demonstration and have achieved “real-world” impact.

Research challenges that outline new opportunities for control technology toward future impact. The challenges are expressed in terms of societal and industry need, not control theory gaps, and point to the field’s promise and potential

Individual flyers can be accessed in pdf form from the table of contents below and compilations for each section can also be downloaded. Two appendices contain e-mail addresses for corresponding authors, also by section.

Except where otherwise indicated, the report content is freely and publicly available for reuse with acknowledgement of the source. The report can be cited as: The Impact of Control Technology, 2nd edition, T. Samad and A.M. Annaswamy (eds.), IEEE Control Systems Society, 2014, available at Titles and authors of individual flyers should also be acknowledged as appropriate.

The first edition of this report, which includes additional flyers and other material, can be accessed here

The Impact of Control Technology is sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society and the American Automatic Control Council

Please see the Introduction, below, for more details, including our motivation in preparing the report and acknowledgements.



Introduction - T. Samad and A. Annaswamy


Download Compilation of Success Stories [14.96 MB]

Auto-tuners for PID ControllersK.J. Åström and T. Hägglund

Control in Mobile PhonesB. Bernhardsson

Nonlinear Multivariable Flight ControlJ. Bosworth and D. Enns

Advanced Control of Pharmaceutical Crystallization – R. Braatz

Autopilot for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – E. CapelloG. GuglieriF. Quagliotti, and R. Tempo

Controlling Energy Capture from Wind – F. D'Amato

Mobile-Robot-Enabled Smart Warehouses – R. D’Andrea

Trip Optimizer for Railroads – D. Eldredge and P. Houpt

Control in Stroke Rehabilitation – T. ExellC. FreemanK. MeadmoreA. HughesE. HallewellE. Rogers, and J. Burridge

Advanced Control for the Cement Industry – E. Gallestey and M. Stalder

Dynamics and Control for Deep-Sea Marine Risers – S. GeY. ChooB. How, and W. He

Active Safety Control for Automobiles L. Glielmo

Advanced Energy Solutions for Power Plants – V. Havlena

Optimal Ship-Unloading Solutions – R. Haymoz and M. Agarwal

Automotive Engine-Based Traction Control – D. Hrovat and M. Fodor

Automated Manual Transmissions – L. Iannelli

Ethylene Plantwide Control and Optimization  J. Lu and R. Nath 

Digital Printing Control: Print Shop in a Box – L. Mestha and A. Gil

Verification of Control System Software  D. Monniaux and A. Miné

Coordinated Ramp Metering for Freeways  M. Papageorgiou and I. Papamichail

Advanced Zinc Coating Control in Galvanizing LinesT. Parisini,  R. Ferrari, and F. Cuzzola

Digital Fly-by-Wire Technology – C. Philippe

H-infinity Control for European Telecommunication Satellites – C. Philippe

Road Grade Estimation for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems  P. Sahlholm and K. Johansson

Controller Performance Monitoring – S. ShahM. Nohr, and R. Patwardhan

Control for Formula One!  M. Smith

Advanced Control Design for Automotive Powertrains – G. Stewart

Control of NASA's Space Launch System  T.S. VanZwieten

Robust Adaptive Control for the Joint Direct Attack Munition  K. Wise and E. Lavretsky

Improved Audio Reproduction with Control Theory – Y. Yamamoto


Download Compilation of Research Challenges [17.49 MB]

Avoiding Pilot-Induced Oscillations in Energy-Efficient Aircraft Designs – D. AcostaY. Yildiz, and D. Klyde

Resilient Cyberphysical Systems – S. Amin, G. Schwartz, and S. Sastry

Thermal Control of Manycore and Multicore Processors  A. Bartolini, A. Tilli, and L. Benini

Controlling Modern Radars – J. Cabrera

Discrete-Event Control Theory for Flexible ManufacturingK. Cai

City Labs for Intelligent Road Transportation Systems – C. Canudas de Wit

Control-Theoretic Approaches in Neuroscience and Brain Medicine – S. Ching

Distributed Control for Turbine PropulsionD. Culley and S. Garg

Batch Control and Trajectory Optimization in Fuel Ethanol Production – W. Dai and J. Hahn

Actuated Wingsuit for Controlled, Self-Propelled Flight – R. D’AndreaM. Wyss, and M. Waibel

Control Engineering for Cancer Therapy – A. Datta

Control of Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicles – D. Doman and M. Oppenheimer

Biological Oscillators – F. Doyle III

Dynamics and Control for the Artificial Pancreas – F. Doyle III

Human Interactions With Complex Networks – M. Egerstedt

Control for Floating Structures in Offshore Engineering – S. GeY. ChooB. How, and W. He

Vehicle-to-Vehicle/Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Control L. Glielmo

Control Challenges in Mobile Telecommunications – G. GoodwinM. CeaK. Lau, and T. Wigren 

Control of Powered Prosthetic Legs – R. GreggL. Hargrove, and J. Sensinger

Management of Complex Water Networks – V. HavlenaP. Trnka, and B. Sheridan

Control for Grid Responsiveness – I. Hiskens

Addressing Automotive Industry Needs with Model Predictive Control  D. Hrovat H. Tseng, and S. Di Cairano

Design Science for Cyberphysical Systems – X. Koutsoukos and P. Antsaklis

Control of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants with CO2 Capture – F. LimaD. Bhattacharyya, R. TurtonP. Mahapatra, and S. Zitney 

Geoengineering the Earth’s Climate: The World’s Largest Control Problem – D. MacMartin and B. Kravitz

Process Manufacturing Networks – W. Marquardt and K. Frankl

MEMS-Based Nanopositioning for On-Chip  Atomic Force Microscopy  S.O. Moheimani

Toward Verifiably Correct Control Implementations – D. Monniaux

Preserving Privacy in Cyberphysical Systems – J. Le Ny and G. Pappas

Opportunities for Control Theory in Stock Trading Research – J. Primbs and B. Barmish

Preview Control of Wind TurbinesD. Schlipf and L. Pao

Supply Chain as a Control Problem  K. Smith, M. Braun, K. Kempf, J. Lu, and D. Morningred

Control for Energy-Efficient Buildings  P. Stluka

Stair-Climbing Assistive Robots – B. Strah and S. Rinderknecht

Lithium-Ion Battery Management – P. Trnka and V. Havlena

Estimating Heavy-Tailed Distributions in Finance – M. Vidyasagar

Modeling Cancer Dynamics and Tumor Heterogeneity – M. Vidyasagar

Control of Tokamak Plasmas – E. Witrant


• Corresponding Authors for Success Stories

• Corresponding Authors for Research Challenges