Roberto Tempo Best CDC Paper Award

To recognize an outstanding paper presented at the annual IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and to honor the memory of Dr. Roberto Tempo.

Historical Background:

Established in 2017; Revised 2019.

The award consists of a Certificate laminated on a plaque (one for each author) and a cash award in the amount of $1,000 to be divided among the authors.
The cash award is funded by an endowment jointly provided by the IEEE Control Systems Society and Roberto Tempo’s family, and managed by the IEEE Foundation. The plaques are funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society.
At most one (1) award is presented annually at the Awards Ceremony of the IEEE Control Systems Society.
Basis for Judgement:
Originality, potential impact on any aspect of control theory, technology, or implementation, and the clarity of the writing.
Authors of papers presented at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control the year before the presentation of the award.
Nomination Details:

A nomination letter describing the excellence of the nominated paper should be submitted on the IEEE Control Systems Society Awards nomination system, by May 15 of the year following the presentation of the paper at the conference.

The first award will be presented in December 2019 for papers presented in the 2018 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.


Takuya Ikeda, Kenji Kashima

Sparsity-constrained controllability maximization with application to time-varying control node selection

Lars Lindemann

Control Barrier Functions for Multi-Agent Systems under Conflicting Local Signal Temporal Logic Tasks

Jin-Won Kim

What is the Lagrangian for Nonlinear Filtering?

Michael W. Fisher

Numerical Computation of Critical System Recovery Parameter Values by Trajectory Sensitivity Maximization

Shiba Biswal

Fastest Mixing Markov Chain on a Compact Manifold