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Thomas Parisini

VP Publication Activities
Imperial College London (UK) and University of Trieste (I)

One of the principal activities of the IEEE Control Systems Society is the operation of its several publications. Currently the CSS publications include the Control Systems Magazine (est. 1981), the Transactions on Automatic Control (est. 1956), the Transactions on Control Systems Technology (est. 1993), the Transactions on Control of Network Systems (est. 2014), Control Systems Letters, and the e-letter on Systems, Control, and Signal Processing (est. 1986).

More information on these publications, including their editorial boards, guidelines for authors, and past issue contents, is available through the links below. All IEEE publications can be accessed via the IEEE Xplore site.

CSS Society Publications

Control Systems Letters cover
Control Systems Letters

Publication Number: 7782633

IEEE Control Systems magazine cover
IEEE Control Systems magazine

Publication Number: 5488303

Transactions on Automatic Control cover
Transactions on Automatic Control

Publication Number: 9

Transactions on Control of Network Systems cover
Transactions on Control of Network Systems

Publication Number: 6509490

The IEEE Control Systems Society is supporting as financial cosponsor the IEEE Life Sciences Letters (LSL). For more information, click here.

IEEE Press publishes several books that cater to the interests of CSS members. A list of these books can be found here.


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    Questions or Comments?

    For questions or comments on the Society's publication activities, please contact the CSS Vice President for Publication Activities.