About IEEE CSS Publications

One of the principal activities of the IEEE Control Systems Society is the operation of its several publications. Currently, the CSS publications include the Control Systems Magazine (est. 1981), the Transactions on Automatic Control (est. 1956), the Transactions on Control Systems Technology (est. 1993), the Transactions on Control of Network Systems (est. 2014), Control Systems Letters, and the brand new IEEE Open Journal of Control Systems (est. 2021).

More information on these publications, including their editorial boards, guidelines for authors, and past issue contents, is available through the links below. All IEEE publications can be accessed via the IEEE Xplore site.

VP Publication Activities


Ioannis (Yannis) Paschalidis

Boston University
United States
1 (Northeastern U.S.)

Open Call for Associate and Senior Editors

Volunteers willing to serve as Senior or Associate Editors for one of the Society’s publications are invited to contact the corresponding Editor-in-Chief (EiC) or the CSS Vice-President for Publication Activities to express their interest.

As a general rule, Senior Editors (SEs) for all CSS Publications must be senior researchers with years of experience and substantial editorial experience, having served as Associate Editor in one of the CSS Publications or other top-quality scientific journals in the area of systems, control, and related applications. Similarly, potential Associate Editors (AEs) need to have editorial experience (e.g., having served in the CSS Conference Editorial Board, EUCA, IFAC). AEs for the Society’s Transactions must be at a seniority level (e.g., having a tenured academic position) that would allow them to sign with their name and communicate directly to authors editorial decisions.

Expressions of interest should be received in the Fall and before the end of the calendar year as CSS Publications plan additions to their editorial board in early Spring. They should contain a short CV of the candidate, a list of their relevant editorial experience, contact information for people who can confirm that editorial experience, and links to the candidate’s website and Google Scholar page.

EiCs will evaluate these expressions of interest in light of areas of need for their journals. The CSS Excom evaluates all nominations by the EiCs and endorses candidates to be recommended to the CSS Board of Governors, which is the body making decisions on appointments.

CSS Society Publications


All IEEE journals require an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) for all authors.  ORCIDs enable accurate attribution and improved discoverability of an author’s published work.  The author will need a registered ORCID in order to submit a manuscript or review a proof in this journal.

Register an ORCID

Follow these steps to link a PaperCept account to a registered ORCID. Note that PINs from different sub-domains can be linked to a single ORCID.

  1. Go to the start page of the PaperCept subdomain where you have an existing PIN (if you do not have one, please create one by following the PIN link from the PaperCept subdomain of interest).
  2. If you do not already have an ORCID, follow the link “Register an ORCID,” create an ORCID and return to the PaperCept login page.
  3. Follow the link “Register your ORCID with any of your PaperCept PINs,” enter your registered email or the ORCID and password and then click on Authorize.
  4. Once you authorize the ORCID to be linked to your PIN you will be returned to the PaperCept subdomain from where you accessed ORCID.
  5. Follow “Log in to any account associated with this ORCID” to complete associating your PIN to the ORCID.
  6. If you have inadvertently created multiple PINs in the same subdomain, you can associate all PINs with the same ORCID.

Questions or Comments?

For questions or comments on the Society's publication activities, please contact the CSS Vice President for Publication Activities.