IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology Outstanding Paper Award

To recognize an outstanding paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.

Historical Background:

Established in 1998,

A photo-engraved plaque for each recipient and, for one recipient of each award, travel expenses to the CDC (round trip restricted minimal coach air fare), conference registration, and up to 4 conference-rate hotel nights for a 3-day conference, and up to 5 conference-rate hotel nights for a 4-day conference).
Funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society.
At most one (1) award presented annually at the Awards Ceremony of the IEEE Control Systems Society.
Basis for Judgement:
Originality, relevance of the application, clarity of exposition, and demonstrated impact on control systems technology.
Authors of papers published in the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology during the two calendar years preceding the year of the award. The paper publication date is determined by the journal volume date (not the online publication date).
Nomination Details:

Nominations and reference letters are due by May 15 and must be submitted using the IEEE Control Systems Society Awards Nomination system at

Nomination Form

Nomination Instructions


Michael Ruppert, and Reza Moheimani

Walter Caharija, Kristin Pettersen, Marco Bibuli, Pedro Calado, Enrica Zereik, José Braga, Jan Gravdahl, Asgeir Sørensen, Milan Milovanovic ́, and Gabriele Bruzzone

Maarten Steinbuch, Tom Oomen, Robbert Van Herpen, Sander Quist, Marc van de Wal, and Okko Bosgra

Daniel Opila, Xiaoyong Wang, Ryan McGee, Brent Gillespie, Jeffrey Cook, and Jessy Grizzle