The Impact of Control Technology

Overview, Success Stories, and Research Challenges

Editors:  Tariq Samad (Honeywell) and Anuradha Annaswamy (MIT)

This report discusses and exemplifies the accomplishments of control technology and future opportunities for the field.  Please read the Introduction and Summary below for more information on the content and format of the report.

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ForewordR.S. Baheti and A. Konstantellos    

PrefaceT. Samad and A.M. Annaswamy    

Introduction and SummaryT. Samad and A.M. Annaswamy    

Part 1: Selected Application Domains for Control

Aerospace ControlC. Philippe et al.    

Control in the Process IndustriesI. Craig et al.    

Automotive ControlL. Glielmo et al.    

Control in RoboticsM. Spong and M. Fujita    

Control in Biological SystemsF.J. Doyle III et al.    

Control for Renewable Energy and Smart GridsE. Camacho et al.    

Cross-Application Perspectives: Tools and Platforms for Control SystemsK. Butts and A. Varga    

Cross-Application Perspectives: Application and Market RequirementsG. Stewart and T. Samad   

Part 2: Success Stories in Control

Auto-tuners for PID ControllersK.J. Åström and T. Hägglund [HR]

Advanced Tension Control in Steel Rolling MillsT. Parisini, L. Ciani, and R. Ferrari [HR]

Advanced Energy Solutions for Power PlantsV. Havlena [HR]

Performance Monitoring for Mineral ProcessingC. Aldrich [HR]  

Advanced Control for the Cement IndustryE. Gallestey [HR]  

Cross-Direction Control of Paper MachinesG. Stewart [HR]  

Ethylene Plantwide Control and OptimizationJ. Lu and R. Nath [HR]

Automated Collision Avoidance SystemsC. Tomlin and H. Erzberger [HR]   

Digital Fly-by-Wire TechnologyC. Philippe [HR]   

Nonlinear Multivariable Flight ControlJ. Bosworth and D. Enns [HR]  

Robust Adaptive Control for the Joint Direct Attack MunitionK.A. Wise and E. Lavretsky [HR]

Control of the Flexible Ares 1-X Launch VehicleM. Whorton [HR]    

H-infinity Control for Telecommunication SatellitesC. Philippe [HR]    

Control for Formula One!M. Smith [HR]    

Active Safety Control for AutomobilesL. Glielmo [HR]    

Automated Manual TransmissionsL. Iannelli [HR]    

Mobile Robot-Enabled Smart WarehousesR. D'Andrea [HR]    

Dynamic Positioning System for Marine VesselsS.S. Ge, C.Y. Sang, and B.V.E. How [HR]    

Digital Printing Control: Print Shop in a BoxL.K. Mestha [HR]    

Trip Optimizer for RailroadsD. Eldredge and P. Houpt [HR]    

Coordinated Ramp Metering for FreewaysM. Papageorgiou and I. Papamichail [HR]    

Control in Mobile PhonesB. Bernhardsson [HR]    

Improved Audio Reproduction with Control TheoryY. Yamamoto [HR]    

Part 3: Cross-Cutting Research Directions

Networked Decision SystemsM. Dahleh and M. Rinehart    

Cyber-physical SystemsR.S. Baheti and H. Gill

Cognitive ControlM. Buss, S. Hirche, and T. Samad

Systems of SystemsT. Samad and T. Parisini    

Part 4: Grand Challenges for Control Research

Dynamics and Control for the Artificial PancreasF.J. Doyle III [HR]   

Redesigning a Bacterium Control SystemR. Murray [HR]    

High-Performance Control with Slow Computing!R. Murray [HR]    

Biophysical NetworksF.J. Doyle III [HR]    

Control for Smart GridsT. Samad [HR]    

Control for Grid ResponsivenessI. Hiskens [HR]

Control for Energy-Efficient BuildingsP. Stluka and W. Foslien [HR]    

Control for Wind PowerL. Fagiano and M. Milanese [HR]

Energy-Efficient Air TransportationJ. Alonso et al. [HR]    

Verification, Validation, and Certification Challenges for Control SystemsC. Philippe [HR]    

Control of Combustion InstabilityA. Banaszuk, A.M. Annaswamy, and S. Garg [HR]    

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Through Massive Sensor FusionL. Glielmo [HR]    

Vehicle-to-Vehicle/Vehicle-to-Infrastructure ControlL. Glielmo [HR]    

Control for Offshore Oil and Gas PlatformsS.S. Ge, C.Y. Sang, and B.V.E. How [HR]    

Control Challenges in High-Speed Atomic Force MicroscopyS.O. Reza Moheimani [HR]

Process Manufacturing NetworksW. Marquardt and K. Frankl [HR]    

Supply Chain as a Control ProblemK.D. Smith et al. [HR]    

Financial Engineering Done Right!M. Vidyasagar [HR]    

Control Challenges in Mobile TelecommunicationsG. Goodwin et al. [HR]    


Appendix A:  "Impact of Control" Berchtesgaden WorkshopA.M. Annaswamy    

Appendix B:  Contributors to the Report