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FoRCE 2019
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Distributed Optimization Over Networks With Application to Energy Systems FoRCE Webinars Maria Prandini
Cyber-physical Control of Automated Transport Systems FoRCE Webinars Karl H. Johansson
Control of Uncertain Autonomous Systems With Intermittent Feedback FoRCE Webinars Warren Dixon
CDC 2018
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The Centrality of Control Theory in Robotics Bode Lecture Mark Spong
From Alchemy to Electricity: How Our Community Can Create Breakthroughs in Reinforcement Learning Conference Plenary Lecture Sean Meyn
Resource-aware control in a hyperconnected world with applications to cooperative driving Conference Plenary Lecture Maurice Heemels
Robotics Meet Wireless Communications: Opportunities and Challenges Conference Plenary Lecture Yasamin Mostofi
Control across scales by positive and negative feedback Conference Plenary Lecture Rodolphe Sepulchre
ACC 2018
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Squeezing the Limits of Autonomy: Flight Control for the RoboBee Conference Plenary Lecture Robert J. Wood
General Anesthesia as a Paradigm for Physiological System Control Conference Plenary Lecture Emery N. Brown
The Guidance, Navigation, and Control Challenges of Landing on Mars and Europa Conference Plenary Lecture Miguel San Martin
Capacity of Societal Cyber-Physical Systems Conference Plenary Lecture Ketan Savla