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CDC 2020
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Snake Robots Bode Lecture Kristin Pettersen
Glocal (Global/Local) Control: Theoretical Challenges to Practice Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Shinji Hara
Learning-based Planning and Control: Opportunities and Challenges Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Jonathan How
Structural Analysis: The Control Language to Understand Mechanisms Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Franco Blanchini
Taming Large Scale Control Problems with Compositional and Hierarchical Approaches Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture Murat Arcak
Embedded Convex Optimization for Control Conference Plenary Lecture Stephen Boyd
Women in Control
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Overcoming Hidden Biases that Hinder Our Success Webinar Dr. Shawn Andrews
CCTA 2019
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Learning Controllers: Challenges in Transitioning from Theory to Practice Conference Plenary Lecture Jagannathan Sarangapani
Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems: Improving Productivity through Advanced Automation Conference Plenary Lecture Dawn Tilbury
Cyber Security and Privacy in Networked Control Systems Conference Plenary Lecture Karl Johansson
Regulation-Triggered Batch Learning: A New Hope for Applied Adaptive Control Conference Plenary Lecture Miroslav Krstic
Cyber-Physical Energy Systems and Energy Revolution Conference Plenary Lecture Xiaohong Guan