President's Welcome Message

Welcome to the IEEE Control Systems Society

Control is everywhere: Aircraft and spacecraft, process plants and factories, homes and buildings, automobiles and trains, cellular telephones and networks, power grids and biological processes, drones and self-driving cars. These and other complex systems are illustrations of control theory and control technology.  Dedicated to the governance, regulation, and realization of a desired performance in any complex system, methods, algorithms, and tools developed by control researchers have been widely used by generations of engineers and scientists to solve problems of practical importance. Wherever dynamics and feedback are involved, control becomes an essential tool.

Control is seen as the paragon of rigor and the foundation that formalizes the systems perspective by experts in other disciplines, and used as an essential building block for developing large-scale, safety-critical, and mission-critical systems.

The IEEE Control Systems Society is the leading global professional society for researchers and cutting-edge practitioners. Founded in 1954, the IEEE CSS has been at the forefront of control systems theory and technology for over 65 years. Its focus is to promote scientific, technological, and educational advancements in the fields of systems and control, theory and applications, all over the world. It provides top-tier publications, conferences, networking, and career development opportunities for its members and larger technical community. We invite you to explore this website to get started.

You can find my latest presidential message here. All previous presidential messages can be found here.

You can find out more about the impact of control technology in the reports, The Impact of Control Technology (First Edition; Second Edition). These two reports present recent accomplishments in control systems research, highlight research directions and challenging problems for the field, and elucidates the contributions and potential of control within and beyond the boundaries of the discipline.

I would like to invite you to reach out to me with any thoughts, ideas, or news that help us promote the activities of CSS.

Anuradha Annaswamy

IEEE CSS President, 2020