Yutaka Yamamoto

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Yutaka Yamamoto


Dr. Yutaka Yamamoto received his Ph. D. degree in mathematics from the University of Florida, in 1978, under the guidance of Professor R. E. Kalman. He is currently professor in Department of Applied Analysis and Complex Dynamical Systems, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. His current research interests include the theory of sampled-data control systems, its application to digital signal processing, realization and robust control of distributed parameter systems and repetitive control. Dr. Yamamoto is a fellow of IEEE, and is the recipient of numerous prizes including G. S. Axelby outstanding paper award of IEEE Control Systems Society in 1996, Commendation of Science and Technology by the Ministry of Education of Japan in 2007. He was a past president of ISCIE, Japan, past vice President of IEEE Control Systems Society. 

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Kyoto University