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Past Conferences

Conference Name and Organizers Dates Location Downloads
57th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing [ALLERTON 2019]
General Chair(s): Daniel Liberzon
Program Chair(s): Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia
- Monticello, United States
24th International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics [MMAR 2019]
General Chair(s): Zbigniew Emirsajłow
Program Chair(s): T. Kaczorek
- Miedzyzdroje, Poland Program
3rd IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications [CCTA 2019]
General Chair(s): Jie Chen
Program Chair(s): Jing Sun, Roy Smith
- Hong Kong, China
38th Chinese Control Conference [CCC 2019]
General Chair(s): Shengli Xie
Program Chair(s): Minyue Fu, Jian Sun
- Guangzhou, China
2019 American Control Conference [ACC 2019]
General Chair(s): Douglas A. Lawrence
Program Chair(s): Andrea Serrani
- Philadelphia, PA, USA
12th International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control [RoMoCo 2019]
General Chair(s): Krzysztof R. Kozlowski
Program Chair(s): Wojciech Kowalczyk
- Poznan, Poland
27th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation [MED 2019]
General Chair(s): Tal Shima, Zalman Palmor
Program Chair(s): Leonid Mirkin, Daniel Zelazo
- Akko, Israel
2019 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems [ICUAS '19]
General Chair(s): Didier Theilliol, YangQuan Chen
Program Chair(s): James Morrison, Antonios Tsourdos
- Atlanta, United States Program
12th Asian Control Conference [ASCC 2019]
General Chair(s): Takeshi Mizuno, Yasuchika Mori
Program Chair(s): Toru Namerikawa, Mitsuo Hirata
- Fukuoka, Japan Program
31st Chinese Control and Decision Conference [CCDC 2019]
General Chair(s): Guang-Hong Yang
Program Chair(s): Changyun Wen, Zhong-Ping Jiang
- Nanchang, China Program