IEEE Control Systems Technology Award

To recognize outstanding contributions to control systems technology either in design and implementation or project management.

Historical Background:

Revised 2000.

$2,000, photo-engraved Plaque for each recipient, and travel expenses to the CDC for one recipient (round trip restricted minimal coach air fare, conference registration, and up to 4 conference-rate hotel nights for a 3-day conference, and up to 5 conference-rate hotel nights for a 4-day conference) If the prize is awarded to a group, members of the group will equally split the cash portion of the prize.
Funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society.
At the Awards Ceremony of the IEEE Control Systems Society.
Basis for Judging:
The technical merit of the outstanding control systems technology contribution in either design and implementation, or project management. The broader impacts of the contribution towards the benefit of society at large and towards the CSS diversity and inclusiveness goals in terms of geography, gender, and work sector.
Either an individual or a team.
Nomination Details:

Nominations and reference letters are due by May 15 and must be submitted using the IEEE Control Systems Society Awards Nomination system at

Nomination Form

Nomination Instructions


Mrdjan Jankovic

For advancing automotive engine technology using novel control and optimization methods

Reza Moheimani, Angeliki Pantazi, Abu Sebastian, Giovanni Cherubini, Mark Lantz, Haralampos Pozidis, Hugo Rothuizen, and Evangelos Elftheriou

For nanopositioning for MEMS-based storage and other applications

Tariq Samad

For technology development, demonstration, and commercialization that span a number of application domains: process industries, aerospace vehicles, building automation, and automotive power trains

Andrzej Banaszuk

For contributions to the areas of control of compressor instabilities, combustion instabilities, and other fluid flow instabilities in aerospace systems

Lalit Mestha

For his outstanding contributions in applying control systems technology to Particle Accelerators and Digital Printing Systems

Gary Balas, and Andrew Packard

For their outstanding contributions to control systems technology by developing state-of-the art control algorithms and enabling software for use in industrial problems, for making modern robust control tools accessible to practicing engineers, and for their leadership role in the field of control engineering

Banavar Sridhar

For the development of modeling and simulation techniques for multivehicle traffic networks and advanced air traffic management systems through innovative application of control systems concepts

Jeffrey Cook, Jessy Grizzle, and Jing Sun

For the development of fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly automotive powertrains through innovative application of control theory

Dimitry Gorinevsky, and Greg Stewart

In recognition for their innovative application of modern identification and control methods to the papermaking process

James Antaki, and Bradley Paden

For their development of the StreamLiner artificial heart, a mechatronics design that epitomizes the integration of control with electromechanical systems to achieve a novel design that has the potential to save over 35,000 lives per year