MAB Directory


Li-Chen Fu

National Taiwan University

Committee Chairs

The chairs are expected to attend at least one MAB meeting per year in order to plan and coordinate their activities. If they cannot attend the MAB meeting, then a report of their activities should be forwarded twice a year to be reported at the MAB meetings at the ACC and the CDC. The Chairs of the MAB are appointed by the CSS President upon recommendation by the Vice President for MAB, and with the approval of the Executive Committee. The nominal term of office is one (calendar) year, although there is no limit on the number of terms which may be served.

The standing and ad-hoc committees of the IEEE CSS Member Activities Board (MAB) and their respective scope are detailed below. 


João Hespanha

VP Technical Activities; CSS Board of Governors, term ending 31 December 2020 (elected)
University of California-Santa Barbara

Awards Nominations

Mark Spong

Awards Nominations Chair; President - 2005
University of Texas at Dallas

Chapter Activities

Wei Xing Zheng

Chapter Activities Chair, TCNS Associate editor
University of Western Sydney, Australia School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics

Distinguished Lecturers

The Distinguished Lecturers Committee, set up in 2001, is responsible for running the Distinguished Lecturers Program. Its aim is also to monitor this program and to make recommendations for changing topics and lecturers in such a way as to match the offer of subjects and lecturers to the needs of the Chapters and Active Control Group

Mathukumalli Vidyasagar

Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair
University of Texas at Dallas, IIT Hyderabad

Fellow Evaluation

This standing committee is responsible for evaluating all fellow nominations delegated by IEEE to the Control Systems Society.

Roy Smith

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich

Fellow Nominations

The Fellow Nominations Committee is responsible for proposing nominations of deserving Senior Members to the grade of IEEE Fellow.

Lucy Pao

Fellow Nominations Chair
University of Colorado

History Committee

Tyrone Duncan

History Committee Chair
University of Kansas

Industry Activities

Kingsley Fregene

Industry Activities Committee Chair
Lockheed Martin

Student Activities

This committee's primary task is to encourage active participation of student members in CSS activities. If you are a student and want to join the IEEE and the Control Systems Society, please download and fill out the membership application form available here.

Elisa Franco

CSS Board of Governors, term ending 31 December 2022, Student Activities Chair
University of California-Riverside

Women in Control

The Women in Control Committee shall be responsible for, but not limited to, promoting membership, gathering and disseminating appropriate information about women in the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) and the profession and facilitating the development of mentoring and programs to promote the retention, recruitment, and growth of women CSS members.  For more information, please go to:

Linda Bushnell

University of Washington
United States