CSS Day: October 19, 2022

We are excited to announce that the first CSS Day will be launched on October 19, 2022. Endorsed by the CSS Executive Committee, CSS Day will be a day designated to celebrate CSS's impact on technology, education, and society; a day dedicated to reaching out and engaging our community; a day designed to improve visibility of our technical field and expand CSS diversity. Our community will showcase CSS research themes, membership activities, and outreach and diversity progress with week-long activities.  

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Various online and in-person events have been planned to bring the community together to connect, reflect, and celebrate.

The planned CSS Day events include:

  • Presidents' round table: A round table chaired by CSS President Thomas Parisini, with the participation of past CSS presidents sharing their perspectives on the past, present, and future of CSS, will kick off the CSS Day on a high note.
  • Control history forum: Led by Prof. Alberto Isidori, the CSS History Standing Committee chair, this forum will walk us through the history lane of our field. 
  • Video contest: CSS invites submissions from our community at large to enter the IEEE CSS Video Clip Contest on relevant topics for the prize. See http://ieeecss.org/video-contest for the detailed announcement.
  • Tech showcases: Over the week, selected webinars featuring research groups around the world will showcase projects that are representative of CSS impact. Research groups from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia will tell their stories.
  • Chapter/membership activities: Chapters will organize local outreach activities, seminars or workshops, industry visits or showcases, competitions, or student events — with the opportunity to share them with the entire CSS community. More details are described in the Membership column in this issue.
  • Young Professionals Forum: Panels consisting of academic and industry leaders will convene to advise young professionals on their job search and career planning and share resources. 

The planning of the CSS-Day is underway, led by a task force with the following members leading different activities: 

  • Maria Di Benedetto (CSS VPMA, co-chair)
  • Martha Grover (Women in Engineering, WiC)
  • Joao Hespanha (CSS VPFA)
  • Thomas Parisini (CSS President)
  • Fabio Pasqueletti (Web)
  • Rush Patel (Young Professionals, Industry) 
  • Romain Postoyan (Video Contest)
  • Jing Sun (CSS VPTA, chair)
  • Emma Tegling (Chapter Activities)

All events will be free for participants, and some may require registration. Please check the CSS Day website for updates as the details unfold, and contact Jing Sun ([email protected]) or anyone on the Task Force with your ideas and questions.