Presidential Message Archive

2018 - Francesco Bullo

June 2018: "On the Tools of Our Trade"

April 2018: "On Developing World of Copyrights"

February 2018: "The Visible Values of Volunteering in the Hidden Technology World"

December, 2017:  President's Interview

2017 - Edwin Chong

December, 2017:  "Do We Have Common Philosophical Presuppositions?"

October, 2017: "Control and Sustainability"

August, 2017: "Our Society's Best Practices"

June, 2017: "Textbook Models: Expanding Applications"

April, 2017: "The Control Problem"

February, 2017:  "To Control, with Love"

December, 2016: President's Interview

2016 - Francis (Frank) J. Doyle III

December, 2016: "Oh, the Places You'll Go"

October, 2016:  Reflections on the Convergence Paradigm

August, 2016: IEEE Control Systems Society and IFAC

June, 2016:  Control and Biology

April, 2016:  The Evolving Landscape of IEEE Control Systems Society Publishing

February, 2016: The Many Faces of Control

December, 2015: President's Interview

2015 - Maria Elena Valcher

December, 2015: Discovering China

October, 2015: The Joy of Research

August, 2015: The Value of Conferences

June, 2015: The Impact of Control:  Do We Have an Impact?

April, 2015: Ethics in Publishing and the Reuse of Previously Published Material

February, 2015: Peer Review

December, 2014: President's Interview

2014 - Jay A. Farrell

December, 2014: The Perspective One Year Later

October, 2014:  Control Ambassadors

August, 2014: CSS Governance: Theories and Practice

June, 2014: Impact of Control

April, 2014: Prediction Is Very Difficult, Especially About the Future

February, 2014: A Society of Volunteers

December, 2013: President's Interview

2013 - Yutaka Yamamoto

December, 2013: Internationalization - A Default Virtue?

October, 2013: Recognition by Peers, Society Business, and Various Thoughts on Culture and Writing

August, 2013: Theory, Invention, and Practice

June, 2013: Citing Others' Work

April, 2013: Presentation Skills

February, 2013: A Renewed Thought on Professional Societies

December, 2012: President's Interview

2012 - Christos G. Cassandras

December, 2012: A Year in Retrospect

October, 2012: Open Access and the Future of Scientific Publishing

August, 2012: Plagiarism and Other Sins

June, 2012: Fifty Years of CDCs: Rises, Falls, and Trends in Systems and Control

April, 2012:  It's Just So Darn Hard. . .

February, 2012:  A Healthy Identity Crisis

2011 - Rick Middleton

August, 2011:  Challenges and Future Directions

June, 2011:  Publications

April, 2011: Conferences on Decision and Control

February, 2011:  What Does "Control" Have to Offer?

December, 2010:  President's Interview

2010 - Roberto Tempo

December, 2010:  Mountains and Control

October, 2010:  The Data Deluge and Obliquity for Control

August, 2010:  Handwriting, Typing, and LaTex

June, 2010:  From Hard Copy to Electronic

April, 2010:  Research, a Never-Ending Story

February, 2010:  Internationalization and Globalization

2009 - Tariq Samad

December, 2009:  Applications, Definitions, Transitions