October 2010 Note from the Executive Committee

Dear fellow CSS members:

This is another in an occasional series of mailings from the Society's Executive Committee.  We hope to keep you informed of CSS happenings of interest and we welcome your feedback; contact information can be found at the end of this note.

Systems and Control section within arXiv

A Systems and Control section of the Computing Research Repository (CoRR) of the electronic archive arXiv has been recently created. This electronic archive is owned and operated by Cornell University, a private not-for-profit educational institution. It is a repository where authors may submit their papers for fast distribution and circulation of ideas and results to the control community. Further details are available in the CSS website under "Latest News."A panel discussion on "E-Print Servers and Traditional Publishing" will be held in conjunction with the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. Further details will be posted soon on the CSS website.

Outreach Fund Objectives

IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) has established an "Outreach Fund" for its members. This fund is intended to provide financial resources for projects that will benefit CSS and the controls community in general. Examples of projects that can be supported include outreach activities for pre-university students and teachers, promotional materials for CSS or the field, workshops on control-related topics and CSS membership drives. The deadline for receipt of proposals for the first round of awards is November 30, 2010.  Further details are available on the CSS website at http://www.ieeecss.org/main/outreach-fund.

Two new CSS Technical Committees

Two new CSS Technical Committees have been recently approved. They are focused on "Power Generation" (Chair: Eugenio Schuster) and "Smart Grids" (Chair: Massoud Amin). If you like to contribute to activities related to these, or other technical committees, please get in touch with the Vice-President for Technical Activities, Shuzhi Sam Ge.  Further details about CSS Technical Committees are listed in the CSS

website at http://www.ieeecss.org/main/technical-committees/technical-committees.

CSS Project on the History of Control

The main objective of the project on the History of Control is to preserve and promote the history of advances in control systems and related fields. The project is structured along three different axes consisting of groups, topics and individuals. Preliminary versions of the material will be posted on the CSS website for comments and improvements from any member of the Society. The final version may be placed either in the IEEE Global History Network, perhaps creating a new section focused on systems and control, or on wikipedia. An Editorial Board will supervise the project. The leader of this activity is Michael P. Polis,  Chair of the CSS Technical Committee on History.

2010 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

The 49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control will be held Wednesday through Friday, December 15-17, 2010 at the Hilton Atlanta, Altanta, GA, USA. The 49th CDC will feature the presentation of contributed and invited papers, as well as tutorial sessions and workshops. In addition to the standard oral presentations, the conference will also include interactive presentations in order to encourage an interactive exchange with the audience. Initial (regular plus invited) submissions have reached the noteworthy number of 2060. Accepted papers have been 1280, thus bringing the acceptance rate to 62%. The 49th CDC is hosted by the IEEE Control Systems Society and is held in cooperation with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), the Japanese Society for Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE), and the European Union Control Association (EUCA).

The CD-ROM TAC and TCST Project in 2011

The project for distributing six CD-ROMs to member subscribers of the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control will continue in 2011. Furthermore, an extension of this project has been approved by the CSS Board of Governors. Starting next year, all member subscribers of the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology will receive the transactions as hard copies as well as CD-ROM. For CD-ROM format subscribers, a cumulative CD containing all 6 issues of the transactions will be mailed in December.

New CSS Chapters

Since May 2010 three new Chapters have been approved. They are: Islamabad Lahore Karachi Jt. Sections CSS Chapter, Pakistan (Chair: Muhammad Aamer Iqbal Bhatti); Peru Section CSS Chapter (Chair: Jose Davalos) and  France Section CSS Chapter (Chair: Daniel Pasquet).

List of CSS Chapters

On the CSS website a complete list of chapters is now available, sorted by IEEE Region, with names and contact information for chapter chairs included, see http://ieeecss.org/chapters/all.

CSS members interested in participating in the activities of chapters in their areas are encouraged to contact the respective chairs. CSS members that would like to start a new chapter may get in touch with the Chair  of the Standing Committee on Chapter Activities, Alessandro Giua.

CSS donation to the IEEE Pakistan Rebuilding Fund

Pakistan's  worst floods in recorded history began in July in  the mountainous northwest and have spread  throughout the country. According to some reports, some 20 million people and 62,000 square   miles (160,000 square kilometers) of land,  about one-fifth of the country,  have been affected. Earlier this year the IEEE Control   Systems Society approved a US$5,000 donation to  the IEEE Haiti Rebuilding Fund. A  similar initiative,  to donate US$5,000 to the IEEE Pakistan Engineering  Educational and Professional Development Rebuilding Fund, has been approved by the CSS Board of Governors.

Reminder:  New Paper Upload Policy for CSS Conferences

We would like to remind all members that in June 2009, the CSS Board of Governors approved a new policy for uploading accepted papers in CSS conferences. This policy is effective starting with our 2010 conferences, MSC 2010 and CDC 2010.  Authors with full registration will be able to upload up to three papers.  Reduced-rate registrants (e.g., students) are entitled to upload one paper. Additional uploads in either case will incur an additional charge.

The 2010 CSS Executive Committee

Titles, names, and e-mail addresses for the CSS Executive Committee appear below. We welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments.  Don't worry if you don't know the right person to direct a question to;  we will forward it appropriately.

President:  Roberto Tempo

Past President:  Tariq Samad

President Elect:  Rick Middleton

Vice President, Conference Activities:  Maria Elena Valcher

Vice President, Financial Activities:  Pradeep Misra

Vice President, Membership Activities:  Shinji Hara

Vice President, Publication Activities:  Christos Cassandras

Vice President, Technical Activities:  Shuzhi Sam Ge

Executive Director:  Mario Sznaier