May 2011 Note from Executive Committee

Dear fellow CSS members:

This is another in an occasional series of mailings from the Society's Executive Committee.  We hope to keep you informed of CSS happenings of interest and we welcome your feedback; contact information can be found at the end of this note.


New additions to the CSS Online Lecture Library

The Control Systems Society on-line lecture library, has a number of new additions, posted or coming soon, including lectures by Brian Anderson, Tamer Basar, Alberto Isidori and Eduardo Sontag.

Systems and Control section within arXiv

A Systems and Control section of the Computing Research Repository (CoRR) of the electronic archive arXiv was created last year. This section ( has the same moderators (Marco Lovera, Roberto Tempo and Yuan Wang) as the Optimization and Control section (math.oc) that has existed for some time now.


Outreach Fund

Just a reminder that the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) has established an "Outreach Fund" for its members. The first round of awards has been made and successful applicants are listed here and the call for a second round of applications closes shortly. There will be a further round in the second half of 2011.


2011 American Control Conference

This year’s American Control Conference will be held in San Francisco, June 29 – July 1. This is an excellent chance to interact with a range of researchers both form within CSS, but also from a wide variety of other engineering disciplines.


CSS Celebration of the 50th Conference on Decision and Control

This year marks the 50th conference in the series now known as the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. The first conference in this series was the 1962 Discrete Adaptive Processes – Symposium and Panel Discussion held as part of the Joint Automatic Control Conference. In 1971, this conference took on the title IEEE Conference on Decision and Control including the 10th Symposium on Adaptive Processes, and has grown substantially since that time. We are planning a history session together with some evening celebration to mark this important milestone in our flagship conference as part of this year’s joint CDC/ECC to be held in Orlando, Florida Dec 12-15.


IEEE Elections

A number of IEEE elections will be occurring soon. Of particular interest may be the Division X elections, as this division represents the Control Systems Society, as well as a number of other societies and councils, to the IEEE Board of Directors. Candidates in this year’s elections are:

Daniel S. Yeung  and  Steve Yurkovich

Stay tuned to IEEE communications on this topic. See also the IEEE website for more information on this and other elections.


IEEE CSS Board of Governors Elections

Members of the IEEE Control Systems Society should have already received their voting instructions for elections for the 2012 Board of Governors. Members who have active IEEE web accounts can cast their votes at:

For any problems with IEEE accounts, please contact IEEE at either:, email or call +1 800 678 4333 (USA/Canada) or +1 732 981 0060 (Worldwide).


List of CSS Chapters

On the CSS website a complete list of chapters is now available, sorted by IEEE Region, with names and contact information for chapter chairs included, see


CSS members interested in participating in the activities of chapters in their areas are encouraged to contact the respective chairs. CSS members that would like to start a new chapter may get in touch with the Chair of the Standing Committee on Chapter Activities, Alessandro Giua.


Titles, names, and e-mail addresses for the CSS Executive Committee appear below. We welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments.  Don't worry if you don't know the right person to direct a question to;  we will forward it appropriately.



President:  Rick Middleton


Past President:  Roberto Tempo


President Elect:  Christos Cassandras


Vice President, Conference Activities:  Masayuki Fujita


Vice President, Financial Activities:  Pradeep Misra


Vice President, Membership Activities:  Shuzhi Sam Ge


Vice President, Publication Activities:  Frank Doyle


Vice President, Technical Activities:  Francesco Bullo


Executive Director:  Mario Sznaier