Travel Support

Limited, partial travel support is provided for officers, BoG members and committee chairs to attend some board and committee meetings. Travel must be pre-approved by the relevant Vice President or Editor in Chief (in the case of editorial board members) or by the President (in the case of Board of Governors members). Reimbursement is limited to a maximum of $800 for travel within a continent, or $1200 for intercontinental travel. In the case of executive committee members, and in some other special cases approved by the society president, full reimbursement of accommodation costs and economy class travel is available. Please follow these instructions carefully, as we are not able to process requests that do not conform to IEEE requirements.

IEEE-CSS Summarized Travel Guidelines

Those who have had travel pre-approved can download the IEEE Expense Report Form (2019 Form) and instructions for filling out the form.

Reimbursement requests should be made by emailing the VP of Financial Activities the following items:

1. Completed Expense Report Form (xls) (2019 Form)

2. All relevant receipts (scanned and converted to a single PDF file)

3. Documentation (e-mail or letter confirmation) from appropriate source indicating pre-approval of the reimbursement (standard ExComm and BoG reimbursements excepted)

4. For International requests, a wire transfer can be requested (Wire Transfer Form (xls)). For all other requests, make sure the payee is clearly defined (who the check should be made out to, and full mailing address). 

Per IEEE Travel & Expense Reimbursement Guidelines, reimbursement requests should be made as soon as possible after they have been occurred. The most important aspect of these guidelines is:
"All volunteer expense reports must be submitted to IEEE, approved internally and forwarded to IEEE Accounts Payable within 60 days after the expenses have been incurred. Failure to submit expense reports within the 60 day threshold may result in non-reimbursement." 

Common Problems

The following are some common problems that will lead to delays or requests to resend your request for reimbursement:

Problem Solution
1. Attachments zipped together

 Supply only the following files:

  • (Required) completed expense form (in .XLS format)
  • (Required) single PDF of all receipts
  • (if using wire transfer) Wire transfer form

Please send as separate attachments, in a single email, not as a zipped file or in multiple emails.

2. Old reimbursement form used You must use the form appropriate to the year for which you are requesting expenses (e.g., if you are requesting reimbursement for travel expenses incurred during 2014, you must use the 2014 expense report form). Otherwise, IEEE will not process the request.
3. Hard copy receipts sent Please scan to single PDF file.
4. Receipts sent as multiple files Please collate all receipts into a single PDF file. Receipts must be clearly legible
5. Receipts sent as .tiff, .jpg, .bmp. Sorry, pdf only.
6. Claim form filled in with multiple currencies If you incurred expenses in multiple currencies, convert them to a single currency. IEEE can send a check only in USD. For payment in a different currency, you must include a wire transfer form.
7. Cannot edit the XLS file because it is protected Using Microsoft Excel, click "Enable Editing" at the top yellow bar labeled "Protected View." If using a Mac, open the file in Numbers for Mac, then edit (the protection will be removed); make sure to save the edited file in XLS format.