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  • Contents: Automatica Becky Lonberger - rebeccal@uiuc.edu

    Contents: Automatica, November, 2005
    Volume 41, Issue 11

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    Hang Chang-Chieh
    Automatica Prize Paper Awards 2005

    Regular papers

    Maurizio Cirrincione and Marcello Pucci
    Sensorless direct torque control of an induction motor by a TLS based
    observer with adaptive integration

    Cristian Oara
    Constructive solutions to spectral and inner-outer factorizations with
    respect to the disk

    Sandip Roy and Ali Saberi
    Static decentralized control of a single-integrator network with Markovian
    sensing topology

    S. Emre Tuna
    Optimal regulation of homogeneous systems

    Dina Shona Laila and Alessandro Astolfi
    Input-to-state stability for discrete-time time-varying systems with
    applications to robust stabilization of systems in power form

    Xiao-Li Hu and Han-Fu Chen
    Strong consistency of recursive identification for Wiener systems

    Brief papers

    Ananth Subramanian and Ali H. Sayed
    A robust power and rate control method for
    state-delayed wireless networks

    Antonio Sala
    Computer control under time-varying sampling period: an LMI gridding

    Huai-Ning Wu and Hong-Yue Zhang
    Reliable mixed L_2/H_裸�semi999 fuzzy static output feedback control for
    nonlinear systems with sensor faults

    Yoshio Ebihara and Tomomichi Hagiwara
    A dilated LMI approach to robust performance analysis of linear
    time-invariant uncertain systems

    Francesco Martinelli
    Control of manufacturing systems with a two-value, production
    failure rate

    Tingshu Hu, Rafal Goebel, Andrew R. Teel, and Zongli Lin
    Conjugate Lyapunov functions for saturated linear systems

    Shuanghe Yu, Xinghuo Yu, Bijan Shirinzadeh, and Zhihong Man
    Continuous finite-time control for robotic manipulators with terminal
    sliding mode

    Kiam-Tian Seow
    Syntax-based synthesis for temporal-safety supervision

    Michael Malisoff and Frederic Mazenc
    Further remarks on strict input-to-state stable Lyapunov functions for
    time-varying systems

    Chyi Hwang and Yi-Cheng Cheng
    A note on the use of Lambert W function to stability analysis of
    time-delay systems

    M. Mirrahimi, P. Rouchon, and G. Turinici
    Lyapunov control of bilinear Schr