October 2004

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      Change of Address: Eugenio Schuster Eugenio Schuster - schuster@lehigh.edu

      My new contact information is as follows:

      Dr. Eugenio Schuster
      Assistant Professor
      Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
      Lehigh University
      Packard Laboratory
      19 Memorial Drive West
      Bethlehem, PA 18015-3085
      Phone: 610-758-5253
      Fax: 610-758-6224
      E-mail: schuster@lehigh.edu

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      Change of Address: Francesco Bullo Francesco Bullo - bullo@engineering.ucsb.edu

      My new contact information:

      Francesco Bullo
      Mechanical & Environmental Engineering
      University of California at Santa Barbara
      2338 Engineering Bldg II
      Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5070, USA

      Url: http://www.me.ucsb.edu/bullo
      Email: bullo@engineering.ucsb.edu
      Tel: (805) 893-5169
      Fax: (805) 893-8651

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      Change of Address for Emmanuel Delaleau E. Delaleau - delaleau@enib.fr

      I am happy to announce that I got a full professor position at "Ecole
      nationale d'ingenieurs de Brest" (France). I am the head of the
      department and I am in charge of starting the research activity in that
      field. The small mechatronics group if, at this moment, a team of
      the "Laboratoire d'ingenierie informatique" (Computer science
      laboratory) located inside "Centre europeen de realite virtuelle"
      center of virtual reality).

      My new contact information is:
      Emmanuel Delaleau
      Departement de mecatronique
      Ecole nationale d'ingenieurs de Brest
      Technopole Brest-Iroise
      CS 73862
      29238 Brest (cedex 3), France

      Email: delaleau@enib.fr
      Phone: +33/0 298 058 970
      Fax: +33/0 298 058 979
      Home Page: www.enib.fr/~delaleau (soon available)
      www.enib.fr - www.cerv.fr

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      Change of address for Pablo A. Parrilo Pablo A. Parrilo - parrilo@mit.edu

      Please note my new contact information (starting October 1st, 2004):

      Pablo A. Parrilo
      Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 32D-726
      Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 - USA

      Phone: +1 (617) 324-1542
      Fax: +1 (617) 258-5779
      Email: parrilo@mit.edu

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      New Address for Jian Wang Jian Wang - jian.wang@thermo.com

      Dr. Jian Wang
      Thermo Electron (Karlsruhe) GmbH - Dieselstra